OrbitX exchange vs Piwi247

The last part of the betting exchanges comparison was meant to be the most difficult one of all, as on the one hand we have one of the best Betfair powered operators, the OrbitX exchange and on the other hand we have an extremely powerful platform, like Piwi247. After all, the latter comes with a Betfair powered betting exchange and a Pinnacle powered sportsbook on the same platform, but can it exceed the expectations and get the first place in popularity from OrbitX?


In the following few lines you will find a mini comparison on the offerings of the two operators, at least their best part. From our part we have created a mini review on both of them, we also jump into a conclusion on which one is best and we also give you the information on how can you join on the best of the two operators. Stick with us and we promise you that you are going to find all the information that follow extremely useful for the next step on your betting experience.


Which exchange is better? The OrbitX exchange or Piwi247?

As we have already mentioned at the introduction, this was by far the most difficult comparison we attempted to make, as we have two very similar and extremely powerful and interesting operators here. However, the small details were the ones to guide us in our final conclusion, so keep on reading to find out which was those.


A mini review on the Piwi247


To be honest the Piwi247 was one of the most complete platforms we ever reviewed in terms of its offering. It could be thought as in industry pioneer, since it manages to get the best parts on every product and offer it to its players. Do you want a betting exchange? Then you will get a Betfair powered one. Maybe you need a top class bookie? You get the chance to place your bets on a Pinnacle powered one, meaning that you will get high odds and limits.


Piwi247 holds an NV license, making things even better for the punters, in terms of credibility and stability. More than 30.000 events are offered every month from range of 20+ sports like football, basketball, darts, athletics, or table tennis among other disciples, also offering markets on politics, entertainment, or even virtual sports. The live betting section comes with 10.000+ events on a monthly basis, and on every match you will find more than 50 extra beets, in the likes of the Match winner, Asian handicaps and over/under bets for example.


On the pre match betting the average payout is at 97%, while this rate drops a little bit on the live betting section, it goes at 95%. However, you will encounter a 4.5% commission on the punters’ winnimgs. The maximum bet here is at 5.000€ with the chance of rebetting on the maximum limit. It should also be noted that on the platform you will find a live streaming service, along a cashout and a quickbet feature.


A mini review on the OrbitX exchange


While the above mentioned offering on the Piwi247 site was both for the betting exchange and the sportsbook section, with some of them applying only on the second part, the same offering can be found on the OrbitX exchange, only for the betting exchange. That means that you will get a top notch Betfair powered exchange, coming with over 25 sports, more than 30.000 events every month and 10.000+ live betting events as well. Again, you can use a cashout feature, which it might prove to be a life saving one at times.


The operator also specializes in cricket, along with football, basketball and tennis of course, offering a cricket only sportsbook to its players. Add to that the extremely wide range of the available esports, the greyhound races, and special bets like Dancing With The Stars Ireland 2023, Dancing on Ice 2023, Eurovision 2023, The Oscars 2023, Triple J Hottest 100 2022.


On football the punters will enjoy a vast range of outrights, of more than 60 extra bets on every match, especially on the top rated leagues and a great in play section, coming with intriguing odds. The latter can reach an incredible payout of 99% on football and basketball. At the same time, the OrbitX exchange charged fee on your earnings is as low as 3.5%.


The final outcome and how to register


While Piwi247 is a very good betting site both for recreational and pro punters, it is a vast truth that the OrbitX exchange is an even better choice, coming with smaller commission, higher payout and a wider range of events, sports and offered bets. If you will combine the OrbitX exchange with a top notch broker like Brokerstorm, you will have an even better outcome than if you would choose the Piwi247 operator, since the top betting brokerage service offers 4 different exchanges and the PS3838 Asian bookie, quick withdrawals and crypto transactions.


And the most important of all is that you will not need a VPN service to get the chance to handle from your account all these operators. The OrbitX exchange should be your choice, along with  Brokerstorm, so register now your new account with the top betting brokerage in the world and take advantage of the great benefits it offers.