Brokerstorm’s affiliate program allows individuals and companies (who own and operate their own websites) to receive high commissions for promoting and expanding our services!

We offer:

Weekly cashouts!

Possibility of taking position against players!

Easy withdrawals (Minimum 100€) !

Lifetime commissions!

How to become an affiliate:



Register here!

Contact us!

at to request your banners and promotional material to place them on your website, blog or social media!

Get paid!

lifetime commissions from your successful referred customers!

Referral Commissions

Winfair24: All commission over 3% up to player’s commission! Commission is calculated only at winnings.

Master Account

In case you require to set up a Master account with Winfair24 a 3,000 EUR minimum deposit is required (i.e. the 3,000 EUR will be credited in your Master account and you will be able to transfer these funds to your players accordingly)

We will offer you Master account with 2.7% commission (and 2.5% for turnover over 50k per month), only at winnings and you will be able to build up your commission from 2.7% onwards.

Also, we offer you the possibility of taking position against players up to 10%.