1. When winfair24 exchange will be back online?
We would like to inform you that Winfair24 remains inactive, we expect to reopen Winfair24 next month.
2. Do you offer any exchange with lay market on horseracing ?
Brokerstorm offers all the exchanges that are available in the worldwide betting market.
Exchanges:  Lay Market on Horse Race:  Cash Out: VPN Need (Italy-Portugal):
Orbitx No Yes Yes
Whitehorse Yes No No
3. How can I create an account via brokerstorm?
Please feel free to register using this link https://brokerstorm.com/register/ in our website.

As soon as you do that, you will receive an automatic email (please check your spam folder too) including test accounts in order to view and try our services as well as information on further steps to deposit and open a real account if you wish.

4. Which are the available deposits methods?
Available deposit methods:

Minimum deposit amount is 50€.

5. Which is the required withdrawal time?
Normally withdrawals take up 10 minutes to proceed but in some cases maybe take 24-72 hours to be completed due to betfair payments policy
6. Which are the fees of transactions?
In Brokerstorm you have the chance to make unlimited free transactions. There is no commission charged by us on deposits..Also,1st withdrawal per calendar month is free, 1,5% fee applies to more than one withdrawals
7. Withdrawal procedure
When wishing to withdraw, you will need to notify us via email (at info@brokerstorm.com), indicating your username, amount wishing to withdraw and payment method/email of where you need the funds to be processed.

Minimum withdrawal is 50 euros (except account closure cases) and 1st withdrawal per calendar month is free, 1,5% fee applies to more than one withdrawals. Please note that withdrawals can take up to 24-72 hours to process due to Betfair payments policy

8. What betting accounts offer Brokerstorm.
Brokerstorm provide you account in all asian bookies n exchange worldwide
  • Betting Exchange
  • Asian Bookies
  • Winfair24
  • Mollybet
  • Orbit
  • Ps3838
  • Whitehorse
9. Features of Whitehorse exchange:
There is no cash out option available at Whitehorse exchange.

Create a Whitehorse account with 4% commission and minimum stake 20€.

10. Can I have access to Whitehorse Platform from Italy/Portugal etc?
Customers can have access to Whitehorse Platform without using Vpn.

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