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, Ps3838

Sportsbook for professionals
with fantastic odds!

PS3838 is, without a doubt, the best sports book for the professional punter because of their fantastic odds, handicaps, limits, margins and high-end security. PS3838 is well known for having the best odds and the lowest margins in the industry.

It offers matches with better odds and limits on Americans sports like Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Hockey. All the mainstream betting sports are included, with soccer providing the bulk of the markets. Through Brokerstorm, PS3838 offers low margin betting for high stakes wagers.

, Ps3838


*The minimum deposit amount is 50€

, Ps3838


*The minimum stake amount 4€

, Ps3838

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Our team will be happy to provide you with a demo account in order for you to test and explore our products

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Ε-mail: info@brokerstorm.com

Skype: BrokerStorm@gmail.com

Online Chat: https://brokerstorm.com (08.00 am to 00.00 am UK time zone)

Be assured that you will find everything you need at Brokerstorm!
Brokerstorm is an original pioneer company that deals with betting accounts, brokerage service and betting software for players and make your online betting accounts management safe and easy!

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