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Orbitx Exchange Platform – Overview

In today’s betting world the average bettor requires certain elements in order to simplify the betting experience. That is especially the demand for the exchange bettors. With that fact in mind, we will be looking at Orbritx exchange which is a revolutionary online betting platform where you can place your bets and wagers securely and swiftly. Established and designed in 2017 by a dedicated team of experts, this betting exchange platform incorporates unique features and great platform interface that provides an exciting betting experience that no other platform can have, Therefore, lets’ look what Orbitx has to offer.

Sports Portfolio and Betting Options  – MENU REVIEW
The Orbitx exchange platform offers a large number of sports including soccer , cricket, rugby, basketball, tennis, e-sports, golf and almost every other sports on which you can place your bets from every part of the world. Therefore, it is safe to say that this betting variety of sports on this platform provides you with more options and opportunities to place winning bets. 

Yet, Orbitx is a lot more than just another sports betting exchange platform. More and more bettors are looking at other contests on which they can place bets. Orbitbx is keeping up with the current trends and demands from the bettors. More specifically, on Orbitx you can place bets on political outcomes such as the U.S Presidential Elections, UK Elections, the European Parliament Elections among others.

– Furthermore, Orbitx also offers the unique option of LIVE Casino ( Roulette, Casino Holdem, Monopoly e.t.c. )  
Through this option, you can choose from a variety of online casino table games such as BlackJack, Hi-Lo, Hold’em, Card Derby Racing, Baccarat, Roulette, Monopoly e.t.c.  
Moreover, Ortbitx goes far beyond any other online betting platform since it also offers the unique option to bet on a variety of online in games including on classics such as Dota II, Starcraft II, Counter-Strike and many other popular multiplayer games.


General Overview
The first notable aspect of Orbitx is that it is user friendly. The dashboard is designed in a simple, yet efficient way with a large number of options.

1. For instance, through “My Accounts” you have the option to check and see all of your bets. You can see all the history and how you bets fared. Also, Orbitx has the option to check on your total betting profit or loss and the account statement. The dashboard also features links to Live Casino, Marble Transfer and all the sports that are part of the betting portfolio. 

Orbitx also offers identical markets, great odds, bet in-play and cash-out option, same as other major betting platforms such as Betfair. However, what makes Orbitx better than the other major betting platform is that there are no premium charges which is a great additional benefit.

Nevertheless, that is not all. A major advantage of Orbitx is that the Betting Slips are quite simple and easy to navigate as well. It shows the odd, the stake, the possible profit and finally, the liability.

– Additionally, the Orbitx betting slip offers an option to modify the odds in order to make it bigger, or smaller as per your needs and betting strategy.

– The Betting Slip includes the buttons to cancel your bets and to place your bets. Before you place your bet, you will need to confirm your bets.

After placing the bets, you will have a bet offer as unmatched, matched or partially matched. If you do not receive offer promptly, your bet will still stay on the market for offers unless you decide to cancel your bet. Yes, it is that simple!

– On top of that, Orbitx also offers the option to modify the odds of your bet thus increasing the chances for your bet to be matched. This concept applies for back bets and lay bets as well. 


Types of Bets Offered

Orbitx has broad-spectrum of betting options available for its users.

On that note, it is important to emphasize that this advanced betting platform offers the standard 1X2, the Handicaps, Correct Score, Mix Parlays, Both teams to score, Double Chance, First to Start and the American favourites such as Moneyline, and Over/Under/. Other betting options also include Scorecast markets, cards, goals, and methods of victory. This reputable betting exchange platform also offers the opportunity to combine your bets in order to maximize your chances of winning. 

What About Cash Out

One of the most important elements of every betting exchange platform is the prospect of swift cash-out option. Well, Orbitx is a top-notch in aspect as well! The cash-out option is available since the bookie will offer you a value in real-time based on the current markets. You can cash out all your bets place on a single market with one simple click. They only time in which you cannot cash out is when there is specific low liquidity in a market.
Orbitx uses a fair formula to calculate your cash out which is based on using the potential winnings bet alongside the current odds if that bet was placed at the time of the cash-out.

Final Verdict
Indeed, Orbitx is one of the most advanced betting exchange platforms that you can find on the network. It offers great sports betting portfolio combined with great betting options.
Overall, it is user friendly with some exciting features that make the whole betting experience enjoyable for the average user while keeping a high level of detail and simplicity at the same time. Therefore, it is safe to say that Orbitx is the ideal betting exchange platform that matches the needs of today’s digital betting fans.

All in all, Brokertstorm offers a broad spectrum of benefits for the average bettor. Therefore, please make sure to check our other videos in order to find out how you can take advantage of the betting opportunities that the Brokerstorm platform can offer to you. 

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