Is the Orbitexch exchange a scam or a safe betting site?

The truth is that the players are not able to catch up with the evolution of the betting exchange sites and the bookmakers popping up every little while. There are many operators out there, trying to pass their message and lure the punters into creating a new account with their brand. Is it safe though for the bettors to invest their money on an ever expanding industry, when the don’t have the indications on whether this new betting site or betting exchange is safe and legit or not? The answer is no and that is why you should turn your sights only on operators which have proved their value.


Such a case would be the Orbitexch exchange, which is a betting exchange powered by Betfair and coming with all the great aspects of betting on Betfair, but also with even more advantages that you are not going to find in the mother company. However, there are still players out there asking if it is safe to place their bets on the Orbitexch betting exchange, as they afraid if the latter is a scam and by placing their bets there they endanger to lose their money. Keep on reading, as we are going to give you a clear answer to all those questions, so you have a clear picture on what you are dealing with.


Should I trust the Orbitexch betting exchange?

A vast truth is that the Orbitexch exchange hasn’t been properly promoted in the last years it has been operating around the world. However, the fact that the Orbitexch exchange is a Betfair powered betting exchange should give the calmness you need to have in order to choose it for placing your bets, After all, Betfair does not give their API on every operator that is going to ask for it. The latter should meet some conditions, which every single one are constantly being monitored by Betfair.


At the same time, the Orbitexch exchange essentially comes with the same offering as Betfair’s. That means that you are going to get the chance to place your lay and back bets on more than 25 sports, on leagues from all over the world and on a total of 30.000+ events and matches on a monthly basis. When the talk goes to the live betting offered by the Orbitexch exchange, again you will get the same things as if you were betting on Betfair, which means that you will have the chance to choose among more than 10.000 events every month.


Also, since the Orbitexch exchange draws the data feed coming from Betfair, you can also expect to find the same odds, a payout reaching an incredible 99% on the biggest events and a 97% on the minor or less popular ones. You still can place your lay and back bets and enjoy all the benefits of betting on an exchange. So the next question you will probably have is “Why should I choose Orbitexch exchange over Betfair?” and here is where the second package of advantages come into play, the ones that you are not going to find in the mother company.


For starters, in contrast with what applies to the Betfair exchange, where the punters will have to pay a fee of 5% on their winnings to the platform, the Orbitexch betting exchange will start you with a very low commission rate reaching an incredibly low 3.5%. As you may possibly understand in this case, betting on the Orbitexch betting exchange means by default that you are going to have more winnings than you would for more than a while on Betfair. The latter will drop the commission rate applying to you after you will have had a specific number of bets and a very specific activity.


Moreover, the Orbitexch betting exchange can be reached from all over the world. Both directly and through a top betting brokerage service like Brokerstorm, as it comes with a Curacao license. That means that is accepts any player from any country from all over the world, without the usage of a VPN being necessary, in contrast to what applies to Betfair. At the same time, most punters around the world have only good things to mention regarding the Orbitexch betting exchange, which is considered to be the top and most trusted Betfair alternative for all the above and following reasons.


Another important advantage you should take into consideration, is the fact that the Orbitexch betting exchange, or any broker involved, like Brokerstorm, will let you top up your account and withdraw your winnings from that by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other existing and you have available in your crypto wallet that is going to be linked with your account. As for the withdrawals, you will have your winnings available within a few minutes, since within a maximum of 30 minutes the payout will have been completed.


Finally, another reason to trust the Orbitexch betting exchange and choose it over Betfair, is that you will not lose so much time in the KYC procedure as you would with Betfair, but still the operator has proved its worth and credibility. Do not lose any more time, choose the Orbitexch betting exchange to place your bets and even better, do it through Brokerstorm, so you will have the chance to place arbitrage bets and make a sure profit in the end of the day.