Best Betfair Alternative 2023 Orbit Exchange

One of the main advantages of today’s betting world is the prospect of having betting exchanges. Moreover, with the emergence of online betting, the number of these platforms has increased. After all, the demand for betting has significantly increased in the last decade. With that, it is a natural consequence that the number of betting bookmakers and betting exchange platforms has dramatically increased. And the reality is that they can attract many new bettors. Some offer registration benefits, some provide betting credits, and others may provide more flexibility.
However, there are still many bettors that consider Betfair Exchange to be one of the most popular betting exchanges in today’s online betting market. After all, that recognition is not unjustified. However, it is important to emphasize that certain professional and more serious bettors have gone beyond Betfair when it comes to finding the best alternative. Also, not everyone is happy with the way Betfair operates. Many people may feel that the commission of 5% to 7% is too high. And some simply do not have the option to use Betfair in the countries where they live. Therefore, the ultimate question that comes to mind for these experienced traders and betting gurus is what is the best alternative to Betfair in 2023?

Therefore, in order to provide you with the best answer to that question, we asked out betting experts at Brokerstorm and according to them and many other professional bettors, Orbit exchange represents the best alternative to Betfair in today’s online betting market. In this video, we would look at the details of why this platform is at par with Betfair.


Orbit is also known as Orbit Exchange or Orbit Ex or Orbit X among bettors and their users. Why do we mention this, you might ask? Well, the reason is simply the fact that Orbit is unlike any other sportsbook. Orbit Exchange can provide numerous benefits to the average user when it comes to significantly considerable liquidity for an assortment of markets. At the same time, a big advantage is the fact that Orbit offers services at the most nominal prices so that you can enjoy comfort and betting leverage like never before.


Free Play
Orbit Exchange has been gaining popularity in the last few years which lead to the point that it became the most trusted and most interesting betting alternative of Betfair. Moreover, Orbit is now known as a famous betting platform where players can bet against each other without hindrance. At the end of the day, everyone that is serious about their betting wants to have freedom and a variety of options.

Variety of Betting Markets

First and foremost, it is important to analyze the whole concept of Orbit betting exchange. To be more specific, since 2017 this reputable platform has provided a broad spectrum of betting markets to its users. This variety in betting markets is something for which Betfair has been applauded. Additionally, Orbit offers a variety of sports on which you can place your bets. Here are some of them.

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Rugby Union
  • Dart
  • Esports
  • Cycling
  • MotorSport
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • Special Bets
  • Snooker
  • Hockey
  • Politics
  • eSports


Fair Commission
As we mentioned in the introduction of this video, many bettors are not prepared to pay 7 commissions in order to use Betfair. For many professional, high-ratio bettors, giving up to 7% of their profit is unacceptable. For some, it is simply too high.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with Orbit, you will be charged a flat 3% commission on all winnings.  This is a significantly better deal since it is considerably lower than the average 5% to 7% commission by Betfair. This can have a great optimizing effect on your profits and simply means a lot more money in your pocket, especially if you are betting high stakes and you aim at high winnings.

Additionally, Orbit is on the same page with Betfair as this alternative exchange does not charge you a commission when your bet loses.


No Premium Charges
Another notable benefit that Orbit provides to users is closely related to the so-called Premium charges. Unlike Betfair, there are no premium charges applied to your account if you consistently win. This is a big positive for profitable sports bettors and one of the main reasons why Orbit is the best alternative platform to Betfair.

This is a really important element of the online betting equation as many betting exchange platforms tend to charge premiums if you constantly win, and some can even block you from their site altogether.

Fans Favorite
Orbit Exchange is a type of online marketplace for players to bet against each other rather than a bookmaker. Orbit will quickly become your favorite with its advantages compared to a traditional sportsbook offer, as it offers better prices and huge liquidity for a wide range of markets. Also, ‘back’ and ‘lay’ betting options give you more flexibility for building your position on the market.

Functionality and amazing performance like fast bet placement and ‘Cash Out’ will make Orbitx your betting exchange of choice.

Features and Modern Design
One of the main elements that you need to consider when looking at picking your best Betfair Alternative is the prospect of the platform interface, features, and overall design.

Orbit has probably the most adequate and user-friendly design when it comes to betting exchange platforms in today’s market.

This is not just a statement or just another claim! On the contrary, Orbit goes beyond your normal betting website when it comes to its features and interface.

So let’s take a closer look at how Orbit design can work.
Orbit Exchange has a very similar look to Betfair. Once you log in to the platform, you will notice that the platform offers a variety of sports from the left menu.

After you click on your favorite or preferred sport, you can see all the important information needed including all the upcoming/live matches. Also, you will have the option to search for a match using the dedicated search function. Pretty simple and easy to navigate, right?!


Orbit Exchange – The Verdict
All in all, it is safe to say that the Orbit Exchange represents the best alternative to Betfair in the 2023 betting market. With this notable platform, you can lay back and place your bets with peace. Also, you can choose your odds by placing bet requests. And the main benefit is that this can be done in a wide variety of sports, both pre-match and in-play.

Additionally,  Orbit Exchange represents a milestone when it comes to commission as you pay only 3% on winning bets, which is a lot lower than the standard winning Betfair commission.

Therefore, we can conclude that Orbit Exchange is a viable alternative for those players and traders that cannot access Betfair in their country or region.

Switch to Orbit Exchange
Switching to Orbit Exchange means that you will be getting access to a type of online marketplace for players to bet against each other rather than a bookmaker that is unlike any other besides Betfair. Based on the reviews and testimonials, it is safe to say that Orbit will quickly become your favorite betting platform. You will be able to enjoy a vintage-style traditional sportsbook, a lot better prices combined with significantly more liquidity for a broad spectrum of betting markets. Other platforms might have certain advantages, but the reality is that with these other bookies you will be limited in terms of what you can bet on and how much profit you can make as a bettor. Simply said, Orbit provides you with more flexibility and allows you to build and improve your position on the market and grow as a bettor.

The prospect of functionality and amazing performance like fast bet placement and ‘Cash Out’ is something that it will make your life easier and will surely be the catalyst for you to choose OrbitExchange as your preferred betting destination.


The Role of the Broker
Nevertheless, it is imperative to find a proper and reputable broker in order to gain an access to Orbit. That is why we recommend checking Brokerstorm as their betting experts are second to none when it comes to finding you and securing you the best possible package when it comes to getting into Orbit. For instance, here at Brokerstorm, we can offer numerous benefits if you decide to get into the betting exchange business through us. After all, our betting experts have a proven record of finding the best possible deals for our users.


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