OrbitX cricket exchange vs 9wickets cricket exchange

As the time goes by, more and more punters not only want to try their luck on the betting exchanges, but they also seek for that operator that is going to cover their special needs. The latest have to do with their expertise on specific sports, in our case for this guide, we are going to examine the best exchange for cricket. Yes, the latter is not as popular as football, basketball or tennis, but it is also true that it has a huge fan base, seeking to get the most out of their betting experience.


For that reason we are going to put under the microscope two of the most prominent betting exchanges coming with a terrific offering on cricket, the OrbitX cricket exchange and the 9wickets cricket exchange. What do they offer, which are their strongest points and of course on our conclusion we take a position backing one of those two, but not for more than one reasons. Keep on reading and we promise that we are going to make your time reading this guide, worth a while.


Is the 9wickets cricket exchange better than the OrbitX cricket exchange?

Before we jump to a conclusion, we must first wonder about what we really need from out betting exchange to offer. Is it important to us to have more selections apart from cricket or we are content with everything that is offered for the latter? You see, it is different to choose an expertise provider than a one stop shop, so we must be ready for our final choice. However, the thing we care about in this guide, is the cricket offering, so we are going to focus our analysis to that.


9Wickets Mini Review


Let’s begin with the Cricket expertise operator, the 9wickets cricket exchange. The latter has a great appeal to the countries rating cricket as one of their main sports and that is not a coincidence. The fact that the punters will find an extremely wide range of Cricket leagues and competitions, make the 9wickets cricket exchange stand out from every other operator. The cricket bettors will have the chance to place their bets on leagues like the BBL – Big Bash League – KFC Big Bash League, the ICC Cricket World CUP, the International Twenty20 matches, the IPL League, the Australian league and on many other local leagues.


At the same time, the 9wickets cricket exchange offers the punters a wide array of extra markets on every single match, more than 60 are offered on every event, in the like of the match winner, toss winner, leading run scorer, leading wicket taker, total runs in 1st innings, total runs in 2nd innings, totals runs in a match, 1st wicket over, 1st wicket dismissal method, among other interesting betting markets.


If you add to this the fact that all the above mentioned markets, along with a handful more are available on every in play event, then you have on your hands one of the best offerings for cricket in the world. It should also be noted that the 9wickets cricket exchange comes with a 4%-4.5% percent commission on the players’ winnings, while regarding the extra disciples it offers, the players can bet on football, tennis and on horse races.


OrbitX mini review


Apart from the fact that OrbitX is very similar to Betfair, the operator is thought to be a top notch exchange for cricket. The OrbitX cricket exchange comes with a wide array of leagues and matches on the sport. In fact, the players can lay their hands on leagues and competitions like Test Matches, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, The Ashes, the Indian Premier League. The Womens Super Smash T20, the Super Smash T20, the CSA Provincial One-Day Challenge Div 1, the International Twenty20 Matches, the ICC Womens World Twenty20, the ICC World Twenty20, the Bangladesh Premier League, the SA20 and the T20 Blast among others.


Regarding the extra bets range, is not as wide as on the 9wickets, but you will find selections like the Match Winners, Handicap, 1st  and 2nd Innings 6 Overs, 1st and 2nd  Innings 10 Overs, 1st and 2nd  Innings 15 Overs, Total innings runs and more. What differs the OrbitX cricket exchange from 9Wickets or any other operator though, is the fact that it also comes with a Cricketbook, a.k.a. sportsbook offering only cricket. The latter comes high odds, still accepts the high rollers and the arbers – winners and as for the commission on the players’ winnings, both in the exchange and the Cricketbook, is at an extremely low 3.5% from the very first bet and day the players will join the OrbitX cricket exchange.


As for the offering outside cricket, OrbitX gives the players the chance to bet on more than 25 sports, on over 30.000 pre match events and 10.000+ in play events.


The conclusion


It is not a doubt that the OrbitX cricket exchange comes with even more perks for the cricket bettors than the 9wickets cricket exchange. Especially the fact that the commission on the punters’ winnings is so much lower and the addition of a cricketbook give the players an even bigger depth. Add to that the fact that the OrbitX cricket exchange can be more easily accessible through the best betting broker in the world, Brokerstorm and you have the answer on which one you should choose!