OrbitX betting exchange vs Whitehorse

Betting exchanges are alternative wagering services that differ from the common sportsbooks and bookmakers you are used to. In betting exchanges punters bet against each other, with back and lay bets. In this way, the wagering options are greater and the odds are significantly higher than at traditional bookies.

One great website that stands out in the industry is the OrbitX betting Exhange. The platform offers many benefits to the players via a well designed modern site, providing punters with all the necessary betting options they need. Additionally, OrbitX is considered one of the best Betfair alternatives due to its high odds and variety of betting markets.

However, OrbitX is not the only exchange you should look out for. Whitehorse is also a great example of a Betfair alternative, offering unique betting choices that no other exchange has. Both betting exchanges are available through, since you cannot open an account directly from their site.

But which of these two is the best exchange to place your bets on? In the coming paragraphs, you will learn about these two platforms’ advantages and what sections each one focuses on most. Keep reading to find out where you should start betting, whether you are a pro player or a beginner.


Should the punters bet on OrbitX or on Whitehorse?

The OrbitX betting Exhange is among the top services. Even though it has only been in operation for a few years, it quickly became quite famous, attracting players from all over the world. The fact that the platform is accessible via brokers like and, offers punters more options regarding the payment methods, the odds comparison, etc.

Both betting exchanges have their own unique advantages that bettors should be aware of before deciding to place their bets. However, the most popular platform between these two is the OrbitX betting Exhange, well known for numerous benefits that you will see in the next paragraphs.

The reasons the punters should choose OrbitX

The variety of betting markets the OrbitX betting Exhange includes is one of the greatest advantages the service has. Compared to other platforms, OrbitX offers a great selection of sports to choose from, including leagues and competitions from all over the world. Whatever is your favorite sport on which you prefer to bet, you will most likely find it on OrbitX.

To talk about numbers, over 25 sports are available for betting. The most popular sports and those that attract most of the players are soccer, basketball, tennis, and cricket. Furthermore, you will find interesting American sports selections, which include American football, baseball, and ice hockey.

Moreover, the OrbitX betting Exhange sports list contains events from lesser known competitions. Such examples are darts, golf, yachting, and snooker. There is also something for those who prefer to bet on races, as horse racing and greyhound racing events are also available. We must also mention the motorsport betting selection, with betting markets for F1 and MotoGP.

For each sport, you will be able to bet on pre-match and live events every day. The OrbitX betting Exhange offers on each match lots of betting markets, besides the typical bet of the match winner. Some of the betting options you will have are Asian handicaps, over/under lines, outright bets for certain competitions, and many more.

Another advantage of the OrbitX betting Exhange is the extremely high odds the platform offers. Especially for the most popular events, like soccer, the payout can be as high as 99%. This happens because of the great liquidity the betting exchange has, which is easily comparable to that of Betfair.

The Whitehorse advantages

Whitehorse on the other hand offers also a great selection of sports. Maybe not as many as OrbitX, but quite a lot, which will satisfy anyone who decides to bet on the platform. Over 20 sports are available for betting on the betting exchange, along with many extra betting markets on each event.

However, the main advantage of Whitehorse is the variety of horse racing events that the platform offers. As its name implies, the betting exchange focuses on a huge selection of horse races from all over the world. Punters have the ability to place special bets on the winner or the final place a horse finishes in each race.

But the platform also does something that you won’t find anywhere else, on any betting exchange. It offers lay bets on horse races, which means that you can bet on a horse not to win. Even though other betting exchanges offer horse racing markets, lay bets are usually not available. That’s why White Horse stands out among other services.

Regarding other benefits, the platform offers some of the highest odds in the market as well. However, the liquidity is not as great as it is on OrbitX, so it is more rare to find a payout of 99%. Nevertheless, in most sports the payout remains on higher percentages compared to traditional bookies, about 96-97%.

White Horse is also accessible through a broker. If you decide to register an account through or, you will get many more betting options and extra services. For example, you will be able to compare the odds with other betting exchanges, and you will get more payment methods, like e-wallets and cryptocurrency.

A final conclusion

Even though White Horse is considered the top betting exchange for anyone who wants to wager on horse races, the OrbitX betting Exhange has, in general, more options. To sum up, the total betting markets are way more on OrbitX, providing many more pre-match and live events for betting.

In addition, the odds, due to the high liquidity, are higher on the OrbitX betting Exhange. This means that you will have a greater payout if you choose to bet on OrbitX rather than White Horse. Moreover, because of the higher liquidity, your bets will be matched faster on OrbitX, which is very important when you are betting on live matches.

Lastly, we should mention the commission of these two platforms. White Horse has a low commission on punters’ earnings, which is 4%. However, OrbitX has an even lower charge of 3% on each winning bet. These prices are quite low, especially compared to those of Betfair, which charge 5-7% on every player’s profit. It’s an extra reason to prefer OrbitX over any other platform.