OrbitX bet exchange vs Winfair24

There are many betting exchanges around the world that offer great services and are excellent Betfair alternatives. Most of them however are not accessible directly by their website. On the contrary, if you want to bet on these exchanges, you must register an account with a broker.

At you will find the most popular betting exchanges and sportsbooks to place your bets. The only thing you have to do is to open an account with the agent, and you will get access to various betting services. Two of them are the Orbit Exchange and Winfair, both offering a huge selection of sports and betting markets as well.

Additionally, the odds that are offered on these exchanges are quite higher than those of other bookmakers. For example, if you place an OrbitX bet, the Exhange will give you more profit than any other bookie for the same selection. The betting exchanges also offer high stakes limits and usually allow arbitrage strategies. making them ideal for wagering.

However, even though both exchanges are great for placing bets, they have some significant differences that we must mention. So, in this article you will see the advantages both platforms have to offer, and which one is the best. In addition, you will read a mini review for both platforms so it will help you decide which exchange to trust.


Should the punters bet on OrbitX or on Winfair24?

The OrbitX bet Exhange was founded in 2019, so it is a relatively new betting service. However, it provides all the necessary features such a service needs. The main difference between a betting exchange and a sportsbook, is that on the exchange you have the ability to lay a bet, which means bet against an outcome.

It is a very important feature that leads to trading strategies and sure win methods. OrbitX of course includes this feature, as well as Winfair. Both betting exchanges are also available on, where you will find many more services to choose from. But what are the differences between these two betting exchanges?

The reasons the punters choose OrbitX

The amount of sports OrbitX bet Exhange offers is outstanding. The total number of sports to bet on is 27, including the most popular ones like soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more. The betting markets on every sport are also many, depending on the league and the competition.

In soccer, for example, there are over 10 extra betting markets on each event. This number can rise even more on live matches, where the betting options are significantly greater. The OrbitX bet Exhange offers a great selection of other sports as well, like basketball, tennis, American football, cricket, horse racing, etc.

The odds on OrbitX bet Exhange are also quite high, offering a great payout. In some sports, the payout can reach 99%. This will most likely happen to popular competitions like the European Champions League, the NBA, famous tennis tournaments like Wimbledon, etc.

The liquidity of the platform is also a big plus for someone who wants to bet on OrbitX bet Exhange. Every event has many matched bets, so you don’t have to worry if your wager will be matched or not. Especially during main live events, the bet acceptance is so quick that it will surprise you, and your bet will be matched right away.

Another thing all big players look out for before placing their bets on a betting exchange, is the commission. OrbitX bet Exhange has a very small commission on player’s winnings of just 3%. If you compare it to other betting exchanges, you will see that “giants” like Betfair, have a commission of 5-7%, depending on where you live.

The Winfair advantages

The Winfair Exchange, on the other hand, doesn’t have such a huge selection of sports. In fact, the available options are just 6, which seem quite small compared to those of OrbitX bet Exhange. However, the available betting markets are almost the same for each event, offering about 10 extra bets on every match.

The odds that the platform offers are also the same most of the time, as both exchanges are powered by Betfair. However, because of the platform’s low liquidity, the odds tend to drop compared to the ones of OrbitX. But most of the time you won’t see any big differences between these two.

The platforms agree on the percentage of the commission also. Winfair24 has a 3% commission to the players’ winnings as well, whether you place a back or a lay bet. This is ideal for pro punters who like to stake big, since in that way they will earn more money than betting on any other betting exchange.

Furthermore, Winfair24 has a great designed site. It is very easy to read, modern, and gives you all the information you want with just a look on the home page. We must also mention that it is very responsive. This means that it can load on any mobile device you want, without losing anything from the main platform.

A final conclusion

Even though in terms the two betting exchanges look alike, in reality there are some main differences you should look out for before placing your bets. The biggest difference and the greatest advantage of OrbitX bet Exhange is the sports section. The selection of events are way more on OrbitX which makes it a place where you will find more betting options.

Another big difference is the liquidity OrbitX offers. The platform attracts more players than WInfair24, so it is easier and much quicker for your bet to be matched. Even in minor and less popular categories, in Orbit Exchange you don’t have to worry if your bet will be matched. Additionally, the site has a “matched bet” indicator, to show you the exact bets in the certain time.

The liquidity might affect the odds as well. Usually, if the liquidity is high, there is more of a possibility to see greater and better odds. On the other hand, if the liquidity is low, you might see odds that offer low payout. In this part, OrbitX also wins. So, even if Winfair24 is a great betting exchange, OrbitX should be your main Betfair alternative to wager on.