OrbitX betting exchange vs 4Njbets

We keep on with the comparisons, so we can give you the full picture about the OrbitX betting exchange and all the other Betfair powered operators. After all, the players want to know the full extent of the offering coming from OrbitX and every other betting exchange, so they can make their own decision on which one should they choose. Every single one of these operators comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, while they have been created for a specific purpose and player base.


In the following few lines, you will have the chance to learn about the most important aspects of both the OrbitX operator and the 4Njbets, we will come up to a conclusion regarding the best possible choice for the punters according to their needs and of course, how can you reach out to them. That means that you are going to learn the way of registering to the operators and in general, how can you make your life easier. Keep on reading and you will understand that the following information are going to open new roads and choices for you.


Which exchange is better? The OrbitX betting exchange or 4NJBets?

That is a question that can’t be answered just by rooting for the one or the other exchange. The reason behind this is that each betting exchange serves a totally different purpose and a group of players, but still, a part of their offering at times may apply to both groups of punters. We will start by analyzing the 4NJBets exchange, next the OrbitX betting exchange will follow, along with the final outcome of the comparison.


A mini review of the 4NJbets


This is one of the most specialized betting sites in the United States for horse racing. The operator started as a classic and old-fashioned betting site, but since its acquisition from the TVG TV network, many things changed, back in 2013. We should note here that in order to join 4NJBets, you must be not only a resident of the United States, but you should also reside in New Jersey, something that will be proved through the KYC procedure.


4NJBets is part of the Betfair US and as such, it provides its API to the platform, so all the available markets and odds are drawn directly from the Betfair data feed. Regarding the available betting markets and competitions, you will find nothing more than horse racing and in a daily basis the operator offers more than 150 races from all over the United States. If you will click on a race event like Louisiana Downs, you will see all the races separately (R1, R2, R3, etc.) and their results.


For what is more, you can find a wide range of stats and information regarding the trainer, the jockey and the horse. In fact you can find out for the latter if any medications have been needed, its total condition etc. You can also see some very important info on the track, like if it is a pace race, the harness of the track, if there is dirt on the track, etc.


Regarding the markets you will find on every race, you can expect that you will have the chance to place your bets on Win (bet on the winner), Place (finish 1st or 2nd), Show (finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd), Exacta (who exactly will finish 1st and 2nd) and Omni (bet on 2 horses that will finish in the top three) among others.


The punters get their winnings from a total pool of money, while the operator charges a 5% fee on the players’ winnings.


A mini review of the Orbitx exchange


The OrbitX betting exchange is by far the most popular Betfair alternative site and tha happens that it comes with the same offering and layout as the mother company, along with a few extras. First of all, the players can a huge range of horse races from Australia, France, the Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and of course, the States, along with a wide range of ante post bets. As you can see, the offering already outplays the one from 4NJBets.


You can bet on the Win market, the Place market, on the Each Way market, on the 2 places or the 4 places and on many others. You can also see many important stats and information, which will help you get the final decision.


Along with all the above, the punters will have the chance to bet on more than 25 sports, on over 30.000 pre match events on a monthly basis and along with 10.000+ in play matches. Add to that the fact that there is a Cricket sportsbook available and a huge selection on football, tennis and basketball matches and you may understand the reasond behind the OrbitX betting exchange popularity. As for the commission charged on the players’ winnings the rate is one of the lowest in the market, reaching an incredible 3.5%!


The final outcome and how can you register


Let’s be honest, no matter if you want to specialize your betting activity or not, it is important to have a bigger variety of options. 4NJbets has decided to go down the double road of specialization in horse racing (which is ok), but also to offer its services only to the US punters. Expectedly that is a huge minus for the European players who want to take part in the US horse races as well, so OrbitX seems to be the only way to go. The best part is that the latter is available both for a direct registration and through a top notch broker like Brokerstorm.


Overall, it is much better to take the second road, as in that way you will not have to wait for an answer of the OrbitX Customer Support or for an invitation of any other punter who is a member there. Moreover, by choosing Brokerstorm, you have the chance to lay your hands on a set of 5 different operators, OrbitX included of course, through a single account and wallet and without the usage of a VPN service. The reason behind that is that the best betting brokerage in the world holds a Curacao license. The latter gives the broker the capability of operating on a wide range of countries globally and accepting players from all over the world.


If you add to that the quick withdrawals (up to 30 minutes), the crypto transaction and the extremely low commission on the players’ winnings, while the high rollers and the winners are more than welcome, then you have an extremely intriguing package on your hands. Do not miss out on the chance to bet like a pro, through Brokerstorm.