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Matchbook vs Betfair: A Comprehensive Comparison

, Matchbook vs Betfair: A Comprehensive Comparison

It is an undoubted truth that the realm of betting exchanges is a very difficult and narrow one, with Betfair being the absolute giant enjoying the lion’s share. In this series of articles we will give room to other respectful international betting exchanges and we will compare them with Betfair. Starting off with Betdaq, we will continue with Matchbook, another prominent player in the industry.  This comprehensive comparison between Matchbook and Betfair will highlight their key differences and benefits, so the reader may form and informed opinion.

  1. Markets Availability: This is probably the key area when looking for a betting exchange, simply because weren’t for the markets, bettors would have nothing to wager on. As we mentioned in our previous article, Betdaq vs Betfair, Betfair is the absolute leader in the betting exchanges industry and it covers a very large spectrum of sports markets and events. This does not mean, though, that the other exchanges available are poor in covering the bettors’ needs, this simply means that in this area, no exchange is on par with Betfair. Matchbook, although not offering the same number of markets as Betfair does, does a very decent job in offering a wide range of markets to choose from and place bets, from sports markets as soccer, all the way to MMA and E-Sports, to political markets as well.
  2. Odds: As the sports betting industry would not exist without markets, so markets cannot do without value. This is determined by the odds. The odds are typically higher in betting exchanges comparing to traditional bookmakers, because the exchanges offer the true market value and they are driven by the players. When it comes to the popular event a player will find that the difference in odds between Matchbook and Betfair are scarce. In less popular markets Betfair offers better odds.
  3. Liquidity: As we mentioned in our previous article, at a betting exchange the players bet against one another forming matched bets. For a bet to be matched, therefore, at least two bettors are required; one betting for an outcome and the other betting against that same outcome. As liquidity is basically the amount of money waiting to be matched, it is easily understood that if a market has zero liquidity no back or lay bet can be placed. The smaller a betting exchange is, the more it strives for market share. In this regard, Betfair, the undisputed leader in the industry is no match and it holds the highest liquidity. If a player prefers more less popular markets, then they should definitely go for Betfair, but, if they bet on popular events they can head over Matchbook as well.
    1. Commission Rates: Betting exchanges offer their services and in exchange, they charge a commission rate on winning bets. Considering that a player will place a lot of bets over a year’s time, the commission they will be charged with will play a big role on their final profit.

    Betfair commission rate waves between 2% and 8% depending on the region of residence, the loyalty and the betting activity of each player. Matchbook commission rate, on the other hand, is around 2%, one of the lowest in the industry, which can have a huge impact on the bankroll of a player.

    1. Technology: In today’s modern online betting world technology plays a pivotal role in the experience of a bettor. Both Betfair and Matchbook have technology at the forefront of their agenda. While Betfair puts emphasis on owning the technology to support such high volume of bettors and markets, Matchbook strives to improve the product and innovate in hopes of increasing their market share.
    2. User Experience and Interface: While Matchbook may not be as feature-rich as Betfair, it prioritizes in providing a simple yet efficient streamlined interface, making it suitable for both novice and experienced players. Betfair is renowned for its advanced trading software, offering a wide array of features and tools tailored especially to professional bettors. Both Matchbook and Betfair provide user-friendly interfaces that enable bettors to navigate and place bets with ease.
    3. Customer Support: Betfair is well reputed for its brilliant service, as it offers a plethora of assistance channels, including phone support, email and live chat. Matchbook also offers a dedicated client attention support, although not as fast responsive and efficient as Betfair’s. It is safe to underline, though, that both exchanges provide reliable customer service.

    ConclusionAll in all, Betfair’s size and reputation give it a clear advantage in terms of liquidity, which is particularly important for high-volume bettors who rely on quick and easy bet matching. On the other hand, Matchbook’s lower commission rate and improved liquidity position render it a viable alternative, particularly for those looking to optimize their trading costs. Betfair offers advanced technology software and a wide range of features and tools, very appealing especially to professional and experienced bettors, whereas Matchbook offers a simple and very efficient and easy to use interface working perfectly on all devices and is very appealing especially to beginners. They both are reliable and highly reputed, they offer good customer services. Ultimately, the choice between Matchbook and Betfair depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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