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Affiliate Betting and Brokerstorm’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate Betting program

What is affiliate betting program?

Affiliate betting is a type of marketing strategy prevalent in the gambling and betting industry. The betting companies collaborate with affliliates giving them a commission rate from the profits. The affliliates in their turn undertake the obligation to promote betting offers and bring customers to the platforms that the betting companies provide. The better they succeed in the goals set by the betting company, such as sign ups or bets placed in the platform, the more commission the affliliates earn.
As players enjoy all the more betting on the go with their mobiles, the affiliate betting program model has become very popular in the mobile affiliate marketing. Affiliate betting can be applied in a wide variety of bet types, sports markets and events, thus leaving prospects for profit in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate betting can be very beneficial to the betting platforms, as it decreases the start up as well as the long term costs, while it lowers the risk of investment losses. Additionally, affiliate betting, generating traffic to the betting platforms, it increases the chances of user conversion. With such prospects, it has drawn attention to the betting business, where the investment on such marketing model is increased generating high niche.

Not all investments are profitable, though, and not all affiliate programs are successful. The most important thing is the right affiliate to collaborate with the right provider. The bookmaker needs to be reputable, licensed, with a circle of players set, for the affiliate to be able to promote it properly and convince players to put their trust in the platform. The affiliate needs to be able to have access to a wide spectrum of people potentially interested in betting and convert.
An affiliate can collaborate with more than one bookmaker at a time, promoting various platforms and betting offers, via blogs, social media, email marketing and websites. If an affiliate program achieves to maximize reach and minimize risk, then it is considered very successful and potentially profitable.

As easy and appealing as it might sound, affiliate betting is actually very challenging. As we mentioned above, for an affiliate program to be successful, both the bookmaker and the affiliate need to meet certain standards. They both need to monitor continuously the process and strive to optimize it and make it each time more effective, which can be very frustrating and challenging. At the same time, the affiliate needs to bring profits to the betting company, while the bookmaker needs to ensure that the affiliate is rewarded properly for their efforts. This balance is very thin and to be constantly maintained can be very complex.
Despite these challenges, the strengths of affiliate betting often outweigh the drawbacks. It has become a key source of revenue for many online entities, including bloggers, influencers, and digital marketers. In fact, affiliate marketing contributes significantly to the total digital media advertising revenue, highlighting its effectiveness as a marketing strategy8.

Affiliate marketing, including affiliate betting, is a growing field. With an estimated spending approximately$13 billion within 2023, the market value of affiliate marketing in the same year reached over $17 billion. This shows that affiliate marketing in general and affiliate betting more specifically are a field ever growing and with still plenty of room to expand. Affiliate marketing is a very powerful tool, as it raises brand recognition, it brings more traffic to the brand and it leads to customer conversion and profit increase.

In conclusion, despite its challenges, the benefits of affiliate betting make it a worthwhile investment for businesses in the betting industry. . By leveraging the power of digital platforms and the influence of affiliates, betting companies can tap into a vast market of potential bettors. Therefore, affiliate betting is a potent strategy for betting businesses to expand their reach, boost customer conversion and increase revenue.

Become an affiliate with Brokerstorm

  • high commission
  • lifetime profit prospects
  • user friendly features

Brokerstorm offers a very attractive and beneficial opportunity to potential affiliates. The Brokerstorm affiliate program refers to affiliates that are confident enough to bring customers to Brokerstorm the affiliates receive commission from the profits generated by the referred customers. Apart from the high commission Brokerstorm offers, there is a key possibility of earning lifetime commission from successful referred customer, for as long as they make use of Brokerstorm’s services. The program also provides flexibility to the affiliates to access their earnings conveniently, offering them some user friendly features, such as the cash out option and easy withdrawals.

Become an affiliate with Brokerstorm Affiliate Betting Program following these very easy steps.

  • Contact brokerstorm.com and send your affiliate request to info@brokerstorm.com
  • If you meet the criteria and you are approved as a partner, then you will receive the banners and the promotional material necessary to place on websites, blogs and social media platforms, in order to be able to attract potential players.

The Brokerstorm affiliate program gives an extra incentive to affiliates to be more committed to their activities, by offering to them the possibility to take position against the referred players. This feature, together with the cash out option and the easy withdrawals, affiliates look forward to earn commissions by promoting the reputable and reliable platforms Brokerstorm provides.

Overall, Brokerstorm offers a very lucrative affiliate program that grants high commissions, lifetime earnings potential, and user-friendly features like position taking against players, weekly cashouts and easy withdrawals. Keeping the stream continuous and promoting Brokerstorm’s services, the prospects for affiliates to earn substantial income are endless.

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