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Betdaq vs Betfair: A Comprehensive Comparison

, Betdaq vs Betfair: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the industry of online betting exchanges Betfair is the name that stood out alone with basically no comparison whatsoever. Over the years, other exchanges have popped up and gained significant recognition, Betdaq being one of them. In this article, we will compare Betfair and Betdaq across various aspects and we will look at which way they are similar, in which way they differ, their pros and cons, as well as the special features they both offer, so to form an informed opinion.

  1. Commission Rate: In betting exchanges the players bet against one another and the exchange acts as the intermediary between them, charging them for the services provided a commission fee on their winning bets. The commission Betfair imposes varies between 2% – 8% depending on the country of residence, the betting activity and the loyalty of the player. Betdaq, on the other hand, offers a flat 2% commission rate on all transactions. This might not be the case though when registering via a broker. When it comes to commission comparison, players may maximize their profit, benefiting a lot from the low commission of Betdaq.
  2. Availability of Markets: Up until recently, Betfair, being the larger platform of all, offered the most extensive range of sports markets and various events. Over the years, however, Betdaq has managed to cover that gap and provide an almost equally wide selection of options for its users. When it comes to markets availability, we would say that in both exchanges, a player would find anything they might need for their betting style.
  3. Liquidity: As in all betting exchanges the players form matched bets to bet against one another, liquidity is of paramount importance. In this aspect, Betfair has significantly larger liquidity comparing to Betdaq, although Betdaq has managed to narrow that gap and improve its liquidity. For a player interested in exchange betting, they need to take liquidity into account, as it determines the ease of matching bets at the desired odds. Therefore it is easy to say that up until now Betfair enjoys higher liquidity and is the industry leader.
  4. Welcome Bonuses: Some players are on the look for special offers and bonuses before signing up with a bookmaker. When it comes to betting exchanges, both Betfair and Betdaq offer welcome bonuses to attract new players. Usually, the details and requirements for getting these bonuses are not specified, therefore one must definitely visit their respective websites and contact their client support for the specifics before signing up. They might also need to check their websites regularly, as the offers and bonuses vary over time.

  5. Payment Methods: As both Betfair and Betdaq are international reputable betting exchanges, they host players from all around the globe, and for this reason they support a large scale of payment methods, from swift and sepa banking to e-wallets and crypto transactions, in order to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. All a potential new player needs to do is check with both their available options.
  6. Special Features: Features have become an essential part of online betting, as it enhances the betting experience significantly, and all betting companies are driven to improve in this area to attract more players. An example of such features is live-streaming, in-play betting, and cash-out option, that all maximize the winning chances and facilitate players to enjoy their betting on the go, anytime, anywhere. Both Betfair and Betdaq offer special features, and depending on each player’s preferences and betting strategies, all they need to do is check what both exchanges have to offer so they may decide accordingly
  7. Usability: An important factor for a player when it comes to online betting is that the interface of the platform not be complex. Betfair was the first to establish an impressively user-friendly and attractive interface and it gained high reputation for it. Ever since, all exchanges follow Betfair’s footsteps and regardless the technology behind the design and development, they all strive to make sure that the platforms are easy to use and navigate for the players. So, Betdaq as well has stuck to this unwritten rule and offers a smooth betting experience with a user-friendly betting interface
  8. Mobile Applications: As we also mentioned on the special features, the ability to bet on the go, whenever and wherever has become of paramount importance for the majority of contemporary online bettors, with mobile betting, thus, gaining increasing popularity. Both Betfair and Betdaq facilitate players to enjoy their betting activities from their smartphones and tablets by offering mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Depending on each player’s demands, they might want to check various reviews and ratings in order to determine which one aligns better with them.
  9. Customer Support: In online betting, when it comes to choosing a betting exchange, one of the most crucial factors that will determine the final choice is definitely the clients’ attention service. For a customer support team to be responsive and effective in its service generates trust and feeling of safety and security on the player’s part and they feel ensured that all their queries and concerns and transaction request will be catered with concern. Both Betfair and Betdaq offer customer support channels to assist players, and checking with both services might be a decisive factor for which platform is better of the two in this respect.
  10. Reliability and Trustworthiness: it goes without saying that when dealing with financial transactions and accounts managements, online betting platforms must be beacons of trustworthiness and credibility. This is why it is of paramount importance every player choose a betting exchange that is globally reputable and strictly regulated. Taking it from their track records, their reputation and the users’ feedback, both Betfair and Betdaq are well-established and licensed and they provide a secure environment for users.


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