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How to bet on orbit exchange

bet on orbit exchange

From Betfair to OrbitX

In 2000 a revolution in the betting industry brought exchange betting to the top of the bettors’ preferences. The original dream of the betfair promoters became a reality and punters were finally able to enjoy great privileges that they had not previously enjoyed with traditional bookmakers. Everyone could create their own bets and play against other players, setting the odds themselves and being able to place bets with lay and back options, conditions that made betting more fun and most importantly easier and more profitable.

The rapid expansion of betfair in some countries has unfortunately slowed down due to local restrictions that have to do with the laws of each country. The solution that was found was the establishment of some clone platforms that could overcome the spreading problems of the parent company betfair and would enable again the many exchange betting fans to deal without obstacles and safely with their favorite way of betting!

Punters’ demands have increased over the years and the average bettor now demands much more from the exchange betting platforms. Thus, in 2017 the establishment of the OrbitX Exchange platform as a subsidiary of betfair once again shook the waters in the exchange betting industry, as something new and much more attractive was introduced to the market: built by a team of experts, the OrbitX platform offered new things to the punter, far excelling in design, contents, facilities during betting, payments (cryptocurrencies, fast deposit or withdrawal procedures), while there were also significant differences in the various fees, with the numbers of course being in the punters’ favour. OrbitX kept all the good elements of the betfair platform while adding new favorable elements and treating players with much more respect by offering maximum security and high liquidity.

First steps for placing a bet on OrbitX Exchange

On another occasion we will talk in more detail about the various points of excellence of OrbitX compared to other platforms of its. Today we will see how we can bet on OrbitX and what the benefits that this platform offers us are.

The first thing to do when the bettor finishes registering and identifying his details on OrbitX is to deposite money in his account so that he can start betting.
Brokerstorm is one of the largest brokers in the industry, which can quickly and securely take over to ensure the best interests of punters. Brokerstorm can support payment in cryptocurrencies. Thus the punter can register with brokerstorm to access the OrbitX Exchange and pay in cryptocurrency, a method that is becoming increasingly demanded by new players as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are increasingly entering our lives. The minimum amount that the platform allows to deposit is 50 euros, while the same amount is the minimum that can be withdrawn.

The money has been deposited into the account and the punter is ready to start browsing the page to find the market he is interested in. He will find himself in an environment that will fulfill all of his desires. OrbitX offers everything: a large number of sports: Football, cricket, rugby, basketball, basketball, tennis, e-sports, golf, rowing, horse racing, greyhound racing, boxing, baseball, almost every sport is in their lists and offered for betting! OrbitX is in constant interaction with the bettors and understands their needs and requirements more than anyone else. So apart from sports, many other human activities are put up for betting, for example the presidential elections in America, the elections in England or the European Parliament!

Let’s take a look now at the bet types: OrbitX offers a plethora of bets for every event: 1×2, correct score (HT/FT), handicaps, mix parlays, double chance, both teams to score, first to start, the american favorites moneyline and over/under, Odd/Even, period betting, BTTS, score casts, special bets (corners, cards etc), method of victory and many more options for the player! The platform also offers the option of combining bets, in order to increase the win rates!

The betting begins! It is advisable to watch the video tutorials on brokerstorm’s YouTube channel, where we indicate exactly how to move while betting.
In OrbitX’s friendly environment the punter can interact in the best way and take advantage of the platform’s benefits. Indicatively, we mention the following:
Through “My Accounts” the player has the possibility to check and have the supervision of all his bets. He can also see his betting history, his charges, even his total betting profit or loss, and the account statement.

The platform’s slips are simple and comprehensive: the bettor is shown the odd, the bet amount, the possible profit and the liability. In addition, he is given the opportunity to modify the odds, increase or decrease them, depending on what he is strategically planning. There are of course buttons to place or cancel the bet, and of course the platform asks for the punter’s wish to be confirmed one more time before it is completed.

After the bet is placed, the platform informs if there is an offer as unmatched, matched or partially matched.
The cash out option is also important. Bookmaker offers the possibility to withdraw from a bet by getting back an amount that he proposes based on the situation of the event to which the bet refers. There is a special paddle that allows the punter to simultaneously and instantly cash out of each of their bets.

Finally we will mention the commissions that OrbitX charges its customers. This is really an area where they excel, as OrbitX has managed to have one of the best prices in the betting market. So OrbitX charges just 3% commission on winning bets, while at the same time Betfair’s parent platform has a commission of 5%! It’s a significant difference that is in favour of the bettor who sees more money left in their winnings. Also OrbitX has a minimum wagering limit of 6 euros, on both back and lay bets. Punter deposits are absolutely free of charge. As for withdrawals, these are charged at a rate of 1.5%. However, the punter’s first withdrawal in the month is completely free of charge, with the 1.5% only being applied from the second withdrawal onwards!

OrbitX, the best choice for new and experienced bettors

Much more could be written about OrbitX’s innovative platform and the perks it equips the game for young and even the most demanding bettors. The general guidelines which we have given in the above lines, I believe are more than sufficient to convince you to start your betting journey at OrbitX. The rest you will find out during this journey, because the pleasant surprises will be many.
OrbitX is undoubtedly the best platform of its kind as it harmonizes its benefits to the needs of punters and offers them in an ideal environment, within security and fair conditions for all bettors, both new and experienced.

In closing, I would like to emphasize the value of brokerstrom’s partnership with OrbitX. Indeed, by registering with brokerstorm you can automatically enjoy all the benefits of four platforms, among which OrbitX is prominently positioned. Thus, the punter saves valuable time while taking advantage of the OrbitX privileges, along with the brokerstorm privileges (which we have discussed in a previous article).

So good luck with your bet on orbit exchange and don’t forget that when you are in the hands of orbitX you are in the best possible hands!

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