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Betting on Horse Races with Asian Bookmakers

Betting on Horse Races with Asian Bookmakers – Key Elements

If you are new in the world of horse betting, one of your first questions will be how to bet on horse races with the Asian bookmakers? Regardless if you prefer to bet online or in person, the fact is that you need to have the proper approach. That is the crucial factor in making a profit from horse racing wagers. With that fact in mind, these are some of the crucial aspects of betting on horses through the Asian bookmakers.

Key Elements
There are a few key elements that you should master in regards to horse racing. Some of those include ditching and layering the favourite.
In the same time, you will have to be able to differentiate between value betting specific to horse racing and other sports-related bets.
However, the best betting strategies in regards to betting on horse racing can vary.

Dutching Strategy
The ditching strategy is based on a simple concept. Moreover, this betting strategy is not important on how many horses you bet as you will win the same amount of money, regardless of which horse wins the actual race. Another factor that you need to consider is that this system is heavily reliant on mathematics.
Furthermore, you will need to decide about the specific amount you are prepared to bet and to have an idea of how to divide your stake. That is to have the assurance that you earn a profit, no matter how the race ends.
For instance, if you set an amount of $1500 for bets, and there are two horses with odds of 9/1 and 4/1. So, as per this strategy, you will have to divide those $1500 on two bets of 750$ of each of those two horse. Then you will have to create a concrete plan about how to cover both possible outcomes while ensuring equal profit.

Value Betting
The second aspect around which you can build a horse racing strategy is the so-called value betting. This model is based on the idea to get a value in the price that you pay for your wagers. Also, it is important to emphasize that this approach can be used for other sports. The bettor has to evaluate if a specific selection is under-priced which means to recognize that the bookmaker has underrated it by offering an odd price. However, the reality is that you will need extensive experience to be able to spot the “value”. And the simplest way of spotting out value bet is by simply comparing which bookmaker is offering the higher odds.

You will need to have tremendous knowledge and experience before you can spot this value. You would at least need to perfect your handicap practices and ensure your calculations are right and have a support of past statistics and proofs. However, the simplest way of finding out value bet is by comparing who is offering higher odds. You could use our comparison tool for this purpose and know who offers higher odds and use this strategy accordingly. You could also manually compare the odds or use arbitrage software for the same.


The Bottom Line
Betting on horse racing can be like any other. There are ways and strategies about how to make the most of your wagers. That is why here at Brokerstorm we recommend the average bettor to create his own strategy to maximize his winnings.