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The Horse Racing Strategy – The Ultimate Brokerstorm Betting Guide

The Horse Racing Strategy – The Ultimate Brokerstorm Betting Guide
Every bettor aims to improve overall knowledge. Moreover, this unwritten rule is especially notable when it comes to the prospect of betting on the ponies. After all, everyone wants to make an intelligent bet on rather than just placing random bets and hoping for the best. That is why it is imperative to adopt certain horse racing strategies that will help you to place bets that can maximize your winnings. So, in this article, our team of experts will provide some of the effective horse racing strategy tips.


TIP #1 – Jockey Analysis
One of the main mistakes that many bettors make is that they treat the horse racing in a similar way as betting on dogs. However, the reality is that horse racing is completely different. The reason is pretty simple, there is a person on top of the horse that navigates the animal around the track. Also, many novices and rookie bettors tend to focus their research on the actual horses. However, it is imperative to analyze in-depth the jockey as well. For instance, it is important to check their history as a winning jockey. Have they been winning recently? Or are they in a good form and how active they have been before heading into the specific race? Jockey experience is important as they are the ones in the driving seats.

In the same time, you should check their experience at the specific track and/or with a certain horse. The jockey’s experience on a track is probably the most important part of this equation. All in all, do your research on the jockeys. Look at their record, their experience on the specific track and their experience with the horse that they racing with.

TIP #2 – History of the Horse
The second aspect is quite simple. You need to check the history of the horse. Although it might seem like an obvious factor, not many bettors tend to do extensive checks. However, it is from crucial importance to do your research on the actual horse you are betting on. Not just their overall history as many novice bettors do, but their experience at the specific track. How they fared, and how is their current form.

Another important horse racing strategy is to analyze the current condition of the horse. For example, you need to obtain information if they have been overworked lately or given adequate rest? How is his health state? Is the horse injured or suffered an injury lately? These are some of the aspects that you need to check before making a betting decision on the horse.


TIP #3 – Track Analysis
One of the main horse race betting strategies that are somewhat undermined these days is closely related to the actual track. On that note, it is important to emphasize that not all tracks are created equally. Also, certain contestants tend to do better at different tracks and somewhat worse on others. You will need to check the varying weather conditions at different track locations (temperature, humidity, ground saturation). These aspects can have a significant impact on how well a particular horse is going to do. The track condition is going to have a major effect on the horses.


TIP #4 – Avoid Tips on the Track
In today’s horse race betting world, numerous so-called experts tend to provide so-called “expert advice”. Moreover, many of them claim that they have insider tips or knowledge of a completely sure thing. However, the reality is that there is no such thing as a safe gamble. A gamble is a gamble. In most cases, these “field experts” are speculators that tend to increase certain bets on certain horses. That is why you should not rely on those self-proclaimed experts.


The Bottom Line
The horse race betting worlds offers a broad spectrum of opportunities to earn money on the fast track. However, this is not something that you should take it for granted. On the contrary, you need to adopt these Brokestorm expert horse betting strategies to ensure your success in the horse race betting world.