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Best Australian Horse Race for Betting –Brokerstorm Expert Pick

Best Australian Horse Race for Betting –Brokerstorm Expert Pick

The prospect of laying on horse races can offer numerous opportunities for the average bettor. After all, laying on horse races is one of the mainstream betting options in today’s modern era of online betting. And while the UK races attract a lot of attention (and rightly so), other horse races in other regions can offer a broad spectrum of chances for winning money. One of those places is Australia where there are plenty of horse races. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze some of the best Australian horse races.


1. The Golden Eagle
The Golden Eagle is a relatively new horse race that has attracted the attention of many fans and bettors. Moreover, this reputable Australian horse race competition is a Turf Club thoroughbred horse race run over 1,500 metres on turf at Rosehill Racecourse in Sydney, Australia. It was first held in 2019 and it will be run on the first Saturday in November. This race also offers a total prize of $7.5 million. Due to the high prize, bettors see this race as a great opportunity to place their bets as the participants are very motivated to do well.

However, the race is only open for four-year-olds and a certain percentage of the prize money are donated to charity.


2. The Queen Elizabeth Stakes
Another notable Australian horse race is the Queen Elizabeth Stakes. This betting opportunity is part of the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival and its 2000 meters race. The prize money for this event is a total of $4 million. This Australian horse race is traditionally held every second Saturday of April at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse. The Queen Elizabeth Stakes attracts the attention of many bettors because it is a traditional classic race.


3. The Melbourne Cup
When you mention the Australian horse race, the first thing that comes to mind is the super popular Melbourne Cup. This is not a coincidence as this race used to be Australia’s wealthiest race as far as prize money is concerned.

However, it is still considered as one of the most popular and attracts the attention of participants and bettors. It is run on the first Tuesday in November and it is one of Australia’s longest races at 3200 meters.

It is a popular choice among bettors for laying on horses and with 24 first-class horses competing, the race always brings a lot of excitement.


4. The Everest
The Everest might not be a race that is surrounded by glamour, but it is still one of the most attractive ones for the average horse race bettor. However, the Everest is currently the world’s richest horse race on turf. This race is run in October at Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse and has a total prize pool of $13 million! Also, this race enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity ranks among bettors because of the enormous money pool on offer for participants. Also, it is important to emphasize that owners buy slots in the race, which is a huge gamble in itself.

That attracts bettors attention as everyone wants to place their wagers on the most popular and prestigious horse races.


Final Thoughts
All in all, the prospect of betting on Australian Horse races represents a great opportunity for the average bettor. After all, horse racing in Australia has a long tradition throughout the years. That is why some of these races should be analyzed for potential winning wagers and recommended by the Brokerstorm expert betting team.