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How to prevent being restricted or limited by bookmakers? Switch to Asian Bookmakers!

Well, first of all we need to get a very important truth straight. Online bookmakers do not genuingly like bettors who win. There are a lot of players claiming that their account was restricted – even banned and closed – when they tried to withdraw after a series of winning bets.

Why is that?

The main reason why bookmakers restrict or ban acounts is that they suspect – sometimes they have strong evidence – of players being arbitrage bettors.

For those not familiar with the term, arbitrage betting is the procedure of getting an advantage from different bookie odds to place surebets.

This is usually not allowed by bookmakers and they make sure they state it in their term conditions.

This seems cruel, and indeed it is. But, considering they have to follow a strict business plan with the primary goal of making the highest profit possible, and given the rigorous competition in the betting market, is not difficult to understand that, in order to remain profitable, bookmakers restrict winning players. And they usually do this by closing accounts, refusing withdrawals, limiting the stakes, even removing entire betting markets!

But in our view every cloud has a silver lining! To us, being limited by bookmakers means that you have the opportunity to find yourselves at a better position! We will explain how…


Tips on how to avoid being limited by bookmakers

Go for round numbered stakes: If you wish to receive specific awards by placing a surebet, your stakes must be punctual. Using solid round numbers, namely $50, you make sure of that. If you have $63,65 in your account, ok, it is logical to place a bet of that specific amount. But, if you have let’s say $1000 in your acount and you place the same previous mentioned size, it will raise suspicions. Or, if you have $100 in your account and you place stakes such as $48,65 in order to place the remaining $51,35 elsewhere in a two-option market, again this will raise eyebrows and the bookmakers will take this as a sign of you being a winning player.

Keep your stakes relatively low: For example, at some bookmakers all bets of €100 and over are being tracked.

Claim the freebets & bonuses: Usually bettors who have just signed up claim their freebies and their bonuses offered right away and they keep on betting. Professionals and arbers, on the other hand, they do not do so, because the betting requirements will bind a part of their bankroll. Therefore, if you sign up and do not bother claiming your offer, you will immediately raise suspicions.

Spend some time on the site: Professional punters and arbers usually prefer to log in for a few seconds, place their bets and sign out right away, for they have less than a minute to go go to different betting sites to place their surebets. Therefore, in order to avoid being targeted, make sure you stick aroun to choose where you want to bet on and spend some time on the site.

Open new accounts during popular events: If you bet as much as you can during such busy periods, there is a greater chance you will simply come across as a recreational bettor. Together with a sign-up bonus and a few accumulator bets you will fit in with the profile of a typical recreational punter.

Use two different divices: it is advisable that you use two different devices for all your betting related activities, 2 pcs, for instance.  Use one only to do your research regarding odds comparison, betting services and such, using VPN that gives your the flexibility to enter with a different IP, avoiding this way being tracked by the bookmakers’ tracking methods. And use the other only for placing bets at your bookies of your choosing, which will prevent bookies from keeping tabs on the sites you visit.


Eventually, soft bookmakers will limit the winning players

As we made it clear, bookmakers are profitable businesses, looking to minimize their losses. Despite all the precautionary measures mentioned in this article, if you are a winning player, in the end, sooner or later, you cannot escape being targeted.

Luckily, this is not the end of the world! It just means

it is high time you switched to the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges!

Betting exchanges donnot care whether the player is a winning or a losing one, for they have a different structrure from traditional bookmakers. As opposed to normal bookmakers, betting exchanges generate a profit by charging a commission on winning bets (usually 2%-5% of the winnings).  They mostly offer the same betting opportunities as bookmakers, with a little twist. In other words, they are platforms where bettors trade their bets, while the operator keeps a small commission to earn their profit. When you are betting at bookmakers, you bet against the bookmaker. On the other hand, when you bet at betting exchanges, you bet against another bettor. This is also known as ‘backing’ and ‘laying’ of the outcome. Therefore, the business model of betting exchanges enables them to allow winning players, just like the Asian bookmakers.

Asian bookmakers too will not limit winning players, because they too have a smaller profit margin. Why? Because they can afford it. They can afford a lower margin, because they are operating on very high volume. Asian sharp bookmakers realize a turnover which rises in the billions. With such a high turnover, a margin of 2% is still very profitable for them.

If you wish to avoid limitations, shift to a betting exchange, such as Betfair, or an Asian bookmaker, such as Dafabet (IBC), SBO, and of course Pinnacle!

Pinnacle is overwhelmingly accepted as showing utter respect to market laws and upholding the players’ interests. Their commission is impressively low for a sportsbook and, as a consequence, their odds are respectively high. Given that, not only does Pinnacle attract a large number of professional bettors, but also a multitude of other sportsbooks (with a higher commission) that are looking to safeguard themselves when they have accepted an overwhelmingly large amount of one-sided bets.

On our next articles we will go into detail on Pinnacle and Orbit Exchange powered by Betfair!

Read on, and, as always, keep betting responsibly and enjoy your winnings!