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Asian bookmakers or European ones?

In the world of sports betting there are different styles of operators. The European bookies for example may offer some “goodies” “on the house”, while this does not happen when it comes to Asian ones. On the other hand, the Asian bookmakers are the “Mecca” for professional bettors.

As we are talking about different styles, it becomes clear that there cannot be a right answer regarding these two types of bookmakers, for they are distinct. We can only talk about pros and cons, depending on one’s goals and budget.

Therefore, to properly answer this question it is essential that we understand on a basic level these two types of Bookmakers.

Asian Bookmakers 

Let’s note that Asian bookmakers can be a ‘style’ and not literally an Asian company based on Asia. For instance, some “Asian bookies” reside and operate at Curacao, Malta or the Isle of Man.

This is where the big millionaire punters focus on, due to the fact that there are hardly any restrictions to winning punters in this market.

The most common system is the Asian Handicap, where the betting limits can be up to 8 figures.

Due to the 2-way system of odds in the AH market, some types of bets, such as arbs, are easier to be done there.

European Bookmakers 

European Bookmakers consist of the brands most known among the punters, with their odds being advertised in the 1×2 system. They usually provide the punters with bonuses, while offering casino operations as well poker products.

When it comes to the odds, they fall way short comparing to the Asian bookies, although they offer to punters who bet in the house of 1 to 4 figures the opportunity to redeem bonuses.

Furthermore, European bookmakers offer a variety of markets that Asian bookies do not, namely bets on yellow or red cards, exact score, odds for specific players to score etc.

Due to the ever growing competition between Asian bookies and European ones, some European bookmakers offer odds in the Asian Handicap style.

So, what is the Best Bookmaker for you?

If you are a beginner, then we suggest that you start with the European bookies, for it is easier to think in terms of 1×2 bets than Asian Handicap. If you bet in the house of 1-100 BRL each time, you can take advantage of multiple bonus offers, which could more than compensate for the smaller odds of European bookies comparing to the Asian ones. If, on the other hand, the Asian Handicap system comes more natural to you and you understand it effortlessly, then you should definitely go for the Asian Bookmakers.

If you are on your way to become an advanced bettor, then try the Asian bookie universe wisely. Our advice would be to first shift a small part of your bankroll (10-15% for example) to an Asian bookmaker account. Then, track your first results. Should you see good results, increase it.


These two are distinct styles of bookmakers, that each comes with their advantages and disadvantages. One might always rip the benefits of both markets, keeping a portion of their budget at each kind, enjoying thus the betting experience of each “universe”. In the end of it all, it is all about the experience!

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