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How to do Asian Handicap Calculations

Asian handicap is a well-known bet type and it is specifically designed for betting purposes and elimination of draws. For the calculations of handicap, the teams are divided into two equal parts and a head start is provided to the underdog by the handicap so that they can lead virtually in the game.

After 90 minutes of the start of the game, the winning team is decided to place it on the final score. This process is done after the taking of a handicap into account. The Asian handicaps are of two types and these types exert significant influence on the Asian handicap calculations.

For making the calculations, the negative sign of handicap is given to the team that is more likely to be considered as in the winning position and the positive handicap sign is given to the underdog team.

Calculations for Single Handicap

  • 0 Ball Handicap

If there is even a matching of two teams, then preferably 0 ball handicap will be offered. In this case, the bettors can bet on any team for winning purposes. If the match is not won by any team and ends in a draw, then there is refunding of all the bets.

  • 5 Ball Handicap

For this purpose, a score of 0.5 will be added to the underdog team and in this case, there is no possibility of ending the match in a draw due to the inclusion of this type of handicap. The favorite team should win by at least 1 goal for winning this bet.

  • 1 Ball Handicap

In this case, a score of -1 is given to the favorite team, and the favorite team must have to win the match by at least 2 points or goals for winning this bet. In case, if the favorite beats underdog by 1 point, then there will be refunding of the bet. Conversely, the underdog team will be in winning position of the bet if the favorite team is only winning by 1 point or the match is ending in a draw.

It is a must to add a handicap to the underdog team or to deduct the handicap from the favorite team, otherwise, the calculations will not be according to the scenario of Asian handicap calculations.

Example: Arsenal VS Liverpool

For a better understanding of Asian handicap calculation, let consider an example of a match between Liverpool and Arsenal. The Liverpool team is regarded as a favorite team in this match so the handicap offered to this team will be -0.5 at the target of 2.18. It means that for beating the Arsenal the Liverpool needs to win the bet by at least one point or goal.  The return calculation can be done by the simple multiplication of stake with the price (2.18).

Condition: If a bettor is betting 50$ on Liverpool at -0.5 at 2.18, then the final score for Arsenal is 1 and is 0 for the Liverpool. For Asian handicap calculation if the bet is the winner there will be a simple subtraction of handicap from the finalized score. In this case, the adjusted score for Liverpool will be -0.5 and Liverpool will lose the bet and match.

Calculation of return: As Liverpool lost the match due to the adjustment of the score, so the bettor will lose the bet.

Split Handicaps

In this category, there is rolling of two handicaps into one handicap, www.brokerstorm.com and for this type of Asian handicap calculation there is a need to place two separate bets and the stake will be equally split into two handicaps.

Example Bristol Rovers VS Exeter City

Condition: The player is betting 100$, on Exeter city (-0/0.5) at the point of 2.06. The final score for Exeter city is 2 and 2 for Bristol Rovers. So, by splitting the bet into separate conditions the bet will be considered into 2 separate bets.

Bet 1: 50$ on a team of Exeter City -0 at 2.06

Bet 2: 50$ on a team of Exeter City -0.5 at 2.06

The calculation for Winner Bet

Bet 1: If the bet is in the winning position, then there will be simple subtraction of bet from the finalized score.

Bet 2: For calculation, if the bet is in the winning position there will be a simple subtraction of handicap from the finalized score and the adjusted score will be 1.5.

Calculation of Return

Refunding will be done for the bet 1 if the match will end in a draw. Bet 2 will lose, due to the adjustment of the score. We www.brokerstorm.com are offering the quick reference tables to know the score and points of the teams so that the bettors can analyze the winning or losing positions of their bets without any doubts.