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Betting Brokers: What are they and how to benefit by using them?

In the sports betting world the term “betting brokers” is often used. But, what is the role of these so called betting brokers or betting agents and how a sports bettor can benefit from them?

Betting brokers are agents that offer access to various bookmakers and act as an intermediary between the punters and the bookies. They are responsible for opening accounts for their clients (they receive their deposits, they renew their clients balances, they execute their withdrawal requests and they provide customer support for anything their clients might need). In exchange for providing their services, they charge a commission fee to their clients’ net winnings. Some betting brokers might also charge deposit and withdrawal fees. They might also offer welcome bonuses to new players or VIP benefits for their long-term clients.

So, the betting is performed in the bookmaker’s account, but the transactions are performed via the betting broker.

Now, one might think…Why use betting brokers? Well, let’s see…

Why use betting brokers?

A very good reason why prefer a betting broker is the geo-restrictions. Not all bookies have permission or a license to operate in every country; therefore a lot of players are limited and excluded from being able to have access to them. The most common example of a case as such is the renowned bookie,Pinnacle that is not available for all players around the globe.

For a geo-excluded bettor, the use of a betting broker comes in handy, because they will provide access to a bookmaker a bettor is already limited on or that are not available in their country.

As we said, betting brokers operate as a middleman between the players and the bookmakers by providing access to various bookies. This means that by opening a single account, a bettor can gain access to multiple account at the same time. This is extremely useful in the process of placing bets. The bettor will no longer have to spend unnecessary time and money moving funds from one bookmaker to the other, as the broker will do this for them. This way they will save valuable “juice” paid on commissions by using separately various regular bookmakers.  Another important factor is that, having access to multiple bookies at the same time, the bettor can rip the maximum benefits of comparing the odds of every event and choosing the best odds available in the market.

The list of benefits of using a betting agent does not end here…


What are the advantages of using betting brokers?

Bet brokers have things to offer that cannot be gained using regular Bookmakers. Let’s take them one by one

Access to Asian odds

Using a betting agent a bettor can also have access to the odds of various Asian Bookies. It is known that accessibility to the majority of Asian Bookmakers is limited and it can only be reached via betting brokers. The reason why it is important for a bettor to gain accessibility to the Asian market is because such bookmakers usually offer far higher limits than the regular bookmakers a bettor might use without the service of a bet broker.

Access to Overseas Bookies

The number of bookmakers a bettor might reach legally from their country of residence is restricted due to ever growing limitations and regulations regarding licenses and govern and online betting. This means that usually only overseas customers with less restricted regulations can enjoy the benefits of particular sports and markets.

It is easily understood that the role of bet brokers in this factor is huge, for they grand access to a vast range of sports betting vendors both inside and outside of the bettors’ jurisdiction. Thus, the players via a betting agent can indirectly place their bets at those vendors.

High limits and Best Odds

Standard Bookmakers usually do not offer to bettors the joy of placing large stakes, because they want to maintain balance books, or to avoid giving room to value betting and lowering their risks by keeping the stake limits low. This creates a void in the market for those wishing for higher stakes limits. This void can be covered by the role of the betting brokers who can make it possible for players to place higher stakes.

As we said, bookmakers do not offer big room for high value. To cover this gap, betting brokers offer access to various betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers with great odds that work out at significantly better value than regular Bookmakers.

Plenty of Room for Winners

By granting access to higher limits and best odds available by multiple bookies at the same time, it is easily understood why professional players and “high rollers” very often prefer betting brokers to regular bookmakers. Bet agents cater to bettors as such fulfilling their need of larger stakes at good odds without imposed limitations. Betting brokers have the luxury to do so, because under thee typical broker business model it is somewhat irrelevant whether a player wins or loses, because, essentially, the profit for betting brokers comes from the commission imposed to transactions and winning bets. From the broker’s perspective, the ideal client is the one who deposits or withdraws on a regular basis and accumulates a large turnover. So, the priority for a broker is to built trust relationships with their clients to ensure repeated activity by them that will bring more gain from the commissions.

High Efficiency

As sports betting is ever growing and expanding in its sophistication, the demand for fast reflexes in order to capture the optimal opportunities makes it difficult for bettors to keep on top of a large amount of separate betting accounts, making the betting process inefficient.

Keeping a single and centralized account, on the other hand, via a betting agent gives the opportunity to bettors to have a quick overall picture of their choices and decide how to place their stakes in the most efficient way possible at a range of various industry leading outlets with just one click.

Price Flexibility

A typical need for any bettor is to decide the right time to place their bets. Should they take the available odds and place their bets or wait for the prices to improve? Catching the right odds demands constant and repeated page app refreshing whenever placing a bet at a regular bookmaker.

Via a betting broker, instead, this waiting around is not necessary because they cover this gap as well offering more flexibility when it comes to prices; using a bet broker a bettor can access their stakes and modify the odds at any time!

What are the cons to using betting brokers?

A natural query would be “are betting brokers too good to be true?”  Well, of course, no matter how good the perks, there is always a risk to using bet brokers.

There are many things a bettor needs to consider before choosing a betting broker. They need to shop around for a lot to find a broker that provides the lowest commission fees possible, the minimum turnover conditions possible, the best odds at the best prices, and above all that offers the highest service levels of trustworthiness. In this regard, betting brokers should be legitimate, reputable and reliable.


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