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Why to bet on a football broker

, Why to bet on a football broker

Betting on the sport of football is widespread throughout most of the world, and is a favorite preference for most gamblers.
But what does it take for bettor to achieve the best conditions for his bets?
Betting is a widespread human activity that, if used correctly, can offer fun and, why not, some profits to the individual punter.
One of the most important factors for a first-time bettor to succeed is first of all to be properly informed about which provider can offer the most ideal conditions for proper betting.
When we talk about correct betting, we mean all the details that can make the difference. These details can be the smallest ones, such as the quickest identification procedure (KYC) of the player when registering on a betting platform, to the more serious matters, such as the type of bet, markets, security in financial matters (deposits – withdrawals), odds and much more.
Luck is the last factor for success, since there are dozens of other factors that a punter must consider before engaging in betting.
Most of the bettors’ problems are solved if they have the right information and if they turn to the right betting “partners”.

In the following lines we will present to you the betting brokers and how they are the most reliable helpline for the punter who wishes to bet on the king of sports, football. Most of what is mentioned of course applies to all other areas of betting, various sports and general human activities.
Brokers can guarantee much better conditions for betting, increasing the chances of an easy and
What is a betting broker and how it differs from a bookmaker.
The broker and bookmaker are two roles in the betting industry that both have the ultimate purpose of taking bets from the bettors’ side. However, these two roles are completely different, as the broker is simply limited to offering a platform on which each punter can place his bet in a variety of ways, playing against other punters or platforms on terms that are more or less dictated by the punters themselves. The broker simply takes a commission of the winning bets.
On the other hand, the bookmaker is the one who dictates the types of bets and betting terms, sets the odds, collects money from losing bets and pays out winnings.
Without trying to make a comparison between these two roles, it is easy to see that the betting broker is much closer to the player who, when betting on a broker platform, is much more free and his bets are made under better terms and conditions.
Let’s look at the areas where the betting broker excels and this makes him more useful to the average bettor.
Unlimited access to any kind of bet
One type of betting that is extremely popular is that of Exchange betting. Exchange betting was introduced to the online betting industry in 2000 by Betfair and soon took a large percentage of the players’ preferences. The game could now be in the hands of the punters, since they could now bet against each other through the Exchange platform, without the intervention of the traditional bookmakers of the various betting companies. With the lay option, each punter could now decide whether he himself would offer odds to sell a bet for a sporting event, essentially doing the work of the bookmaker, while with the back option he could bet on the odds offered by the other punters!

Following in the footsteps of Betfair, various other exchange betting companies were created and took a large share of the global online betting pie. However there are some expansion limits because these companies are not licensed in some countries due to differences with the respective legislative framework. Thus, a group of smaller pages-platforms was created that serve punters who want to enjoy the benefits of exchange betting in environments and conditions created in the image and likeness of Betfair.
These are exactly the clones-platforms that the betting broker brings the punters in contact with and in this case opens wide the locked doors for the benefit of the punters who can now play the bet they want without limits!
Better odds, lower commissions
Betting through the broker has many advantages. One of them is the better betting odds that the broker achieves since he can come to better deals with the bookmakers. The better odds of course bring bigger profits for the punter in case of success! There is also a big difference in commission rates. Bookmakers like Betfair have lowered their commission to between 7% and 5%, however brokers have gone even lower, with their commission being as low as 3% to 2% in some cases! All of this of course works in the punter’s favour!
Wider range of markets
Betting brokers operate in a wider range of markets than traditional bookmakers. They offer more betting options and markets for each individual football event. This is a result of the fact that they are in broad contact with the entire betting world and therefore have a better understanding of the needs and desires of the bettors.
Much closer to the punter
Leaving the impersonal contact with the traditional bookmaker far behind, the broker is next to the bettor, trying to serve him in every possible way! Dedicated personal account managers are at the disposal of every punter, ready to offer assistance and service.
The various betting brokers’ websites are made to be completely friendly and accessible to punters who, with the constant interface, should feel at home! The brokers have mobile versions that bring betting easily and quickly to the punter’s mobile phone. Registration and certification (KYC) is quick and not demanding, customer service is immediate either by live chat or direct contact via Skype, messenger, what’up apps.
Brokers’ YouTube channels offer video tutorials for proper use and solving any questions.
Almost any kind of payment is available. Offers and various bonuses are on the daily schedule, with the punter always being the recipient of course!
Betting without limits, but with maximum security!
If the broker holds an NV license, this means that its products are subject to checks by the regulator to ensure that players are treated fairly and that the bookmaker complies with all regulations. Security is maintained at a top level thanks to the encryption of betting, personal data and punter transactions.
The broker acts as a middle barrier between punter and the booker. All bets and transactions are done through the brokerage service, which means that you have no relationship with the operator and therefore, they cannot access your personal information.
Betting broker embraces and accepts without hesitation all high rollers and winners. Arbitrage betting is allowed here! No one is ever considered a scam for placing arbitrage bets or consistently winning, which means there are no account restrictions or banns. Every gambler is welcome to play as they wish with no restrictions on the type of play they prefer!

The importance of proper and thorough research
We have explained above which are the important advantages a punter gains when he trusts a broker betting company to place his bets.
As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s all about proper information about who is offering what and under what terms. Therefore, the self-respecting punter should do a thorough research on the various brokers before settling on the one that will stand by him and help him fulfill his betting journey with complete success! He should find out which broker is the most reliable, has a good reputation, makes sure that the bettor’s money is safe and the bets offered are fair and on terms that respect the punter.
We at Brokerstorm are here and waiting for you to complete your research.
Since we are sure of our capabilities and high level services, we strongly believe that the result of your search will lead you … to us!

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