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Betfair and the betting exchange

Betfair and the betting exchange

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Betfair and the betting exchange

In 2000, a revolution shook the betting field, since the betting companies that had already flourished on the Internet since the nineties found an unexpected opponent: Betfair was the result of the inspiration of two Britons, Andrew Black and Edward Wray . With the establishment of Betfair, the bet exchange was introduced to betting, that is, the breaking of the ties that bound the players to the bookmakers.

The game could now be in the hands of the punters, since they could now bet against each other through the Betfair platform, without the intervention of the traditional bookmakers of the various betting companies. With the lay option, each punter could now decide whether he himself would offer odds to sell a bet for a sporting event, essentially doing the work of the bookmaker, while with the back option he could bet on the odds offered by the other punters!

The betting exchange had many differences and advantages being more efficient compared to the traditional betting. It soon became huge, with Betfair as its main spokesperson, changing the world of online betting forever. Betfair is therefore the largest exponent of the betting exchange, since it is by far the largest company active in this type of betting. Its members now amount to tens of millions all over the world.

This great popularity prompted the creation of Betfair affiliate betting exchanges: a small army of clone-platforms, partners that aim to serve more people who wanted to immerse themselves in the world of Betfair but couldn’t do it until then.

Indeed, Betfair has spread gigantically, but has not yet embraced the whole planet, either because of its strategic expansion or because it is not licensed in some countries due to differences with the respective legislative framework. Thus, a group of smaller pages-platforms was created that serve punters who want to enjoy the benefits of exchange betting in environments and conditions created in the image and likeness of Betfair.

These platforms provide the same services as the mother company, while sometimes their services are on better terms and may be worth your attention, even if you are in a country where Betfair normally operates.
In this article we will introduce these platforms to you in a concise way, so that you can get a global view of them


The OrbitX exchange will keep you in a stable …orbit around the success with the ultimate goal of …landing you in profits! Orbit is the most stable and reliable answer to those looking for an alternative to Betfair. Perhaps of course because Orbit exchange is powered by Betfair which means that bettors can find the same markets, odds and liquidity to Betfair.

With the great merit of the attractive prices, high liquidity, and friendly to long time winners, orbit in the last two years has continuously risen in the preferences of the punters.

OrbitX is available at orbitxch.com


Winfair24 is the newest and most advanced betting platform that you can find in today’s age of online betting. Founded in 2020, is a new entrant in the betting exchange market, but this doesn’t mean it is not an excellent choice for anyone who wants to join the exchange craze. The site offers a wide range of betting options, including live betting, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. Winfair24 also offers a variety of promotions to its users, including a cash back bonus, and the lowest commission. Winfair24 is available at winfair24.com


PIWI is known to be a white-label of PINNACLE/PS3838 built with reputation as a reliable sports book that manages to stay current, offering a wide choice of best odds with Multiple margins on sports around the world along with fantastic customer service experience. Powered by Betfair is up since 2021, an extremely powerful platform ready to take your bets!
You will find it at the address piwi247.com


Emerging as one of the best horse race betting sites, Whitehorse is a great platform that is attracting many professional and recreational bettors. A simple, yet efficient dashboard with a large number of options, offers a broad spectrum of betting advantages and benefits which are unique only at this revolutionary platform.
Whitehorse exchange gives you the ultimate opportunity to lay on horseracing. And that is something which no other Betfair clone has as an available option.

Available at the address https://whitehorse.tips/


For horseracing lovers: From the #1 Horse Racing Network, comes America’s very first legal horse racing betting platform for horse betting fans. Get horse betting picks and bet on horse races in New Jersey, at over 150 tracks, including Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Santa Anita Park, Gulfstream Park, Saratoga Racecourse, Keeneland Race Course, Monmouth Park, Belmont Park, Arlington Park, and more!
Bet effortlessly and live stream horse races from the most popular horse racing tracks around the globe – gain exclusive insider access to 4NJBets handicapping info – watch races broadcasted in stunning HD live from the track.

Available at the address 4NJBets.TVG.com


Since the beginning, 9wickets have been enthralling punters by offering a fantastic sports betting selection. Established in 2017 with the help of Betfair in Bangladesh, 9wickets have played a major role in Asian betting market and have become popular with the public due to their awesome platform, and huge gaming and betting options. If you’re looking for a top, and reliable bookmaker is something you’re searching to find, 9wickets may be the best choice for you.
The address of the site is 9wicket.com

As you can see, there are so many alternatives for exchange betting, that one can get confused or lose a lot of time to create an account and get to know each of the aforementioned platforms separately.

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You can choose to create an account through Brokerstom.com, which will give you the chance to place your bets on 3 different betting exchanges operators, like OrbitX, the exclusive Winfair24, Whitehorse, and the Asian bookmaker PS3838.

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As for the advantages you will get by placing your bets with the top Betfair bet exchanges, many of them are already mentioned, but we are about to summarize all the reasons that will help you turn your sights towards this kind of betting sites instead on the traditional bookies. First of all, you are getting higher odds and this means a greater value for your bets. You also have the chance to place lay bets and bet with arbitrage, no matter the sport you are about to choose, while the more lenient KYC procedure and the bigger variety of available payment methods will help you take the matters on your hand in terms of your transactions. Finally you can feel safe about your money, your bets and your personal information, as despite they come with less prestigious licenses than the mother company, they still are licensed and fair.

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