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How to bet on the Pinnacle live betting

, How to bet on the Pinnacle live betting

If you have been searching high and low for the best asian betting which comes with the best live betting section, then you should look no further, as Pinnacle is the best operator on that matter. The best part for the bettors is that they are going to find a wide range of Pinnacle live betting markets, sports and leagues, all coming along with the best odds on the internet. Also, the poular asian bookie offers a wide range of extra features and overall a great betting experience.


Within the following paragraphs you will have the chance to learn everything about the the markets offered by the bookmaker on the inplay section, the live betting odds on Pinnacle and the over all offering on live betting from Pinnacle. Also, you will have the chance to learn what shpuld you do in case the popular bookie is not available to your country because of the geographical restrictions. We have the best possible wayt to go around that inavailability, so stick with us, as some extremely interesting information are about to follow.


Get to know the live betting on Pinnacle

Without any exaggeration, live betting is by far the most important trand on the online betting industry, as it gives the chance a high adrenaline rush and at the same time much more opportunities to win more money, according to how the preferred event goes. Pinnacle’s live betting section is one of the best in the asian betting industry, as the live betting markets are updated in real time and without any delays, while the bet acceptance is completed within two seconds. The latter is the best possible time rate you can find out there. Another great advantage of the Pinnacle live betting section is that it comes with a wide range of available sports, like football, basketballl, tennis, american football and ice hockey among other niche sports.


In case you are a football fan, you will be more than pleased to know that you will find more than 100 Pinnacle live betting markets on every big league’s match, while the less popular leagues, competitions and events come with almost 50+ extra bets. When the talk goes to tennis, the bettors have the chance to place their bets on more than 80 Pinnacle live betting markets on the biggest Grand Slams and tournaments and almost 50 on the less popular, many extra handicaps and totals among them. Pinnacle also offers a wire range of live markets on the Euroleague, the NBA, the NCAA and many other domestic leagues, coming with more than 90 markets. Among these you are going to find a wide array of alternative handicaps and total points.


Lets get now to the Pinnacle live betting odds, as this is another hige reason to make you choose the

renowned Asian bookmaker. In overall, even when the talk goes to the Live betting section, the margin never goes higher than 4%, while on the top leagues and competitions, like the English Premier League, the NBA, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga or the Euroleague, this rate will drop down to 3%. For example, during the live betting match among Newcastle and Manchester City, the ongoing odds on the 1X2 market came with a 97% payout, which is extremely higher than every other bookmaker’s. The same rate also applied to the Over/Under market.


We also tested the Pinnacle live betting odds on a less popular match, this time we picked Maribor vs Celje from the Slovenian league and we found out the margin was at 5%, both on the 1X2 and the over/under market.


The final thing to check out on the live betting from Pinnacle, is the available features. The punters may expect to find the cashout service on all the events and in fact, it is going to be open and available auntil the very late stages of every match. Moreover, you have the chance to see the best games from your favorite leagues around the world through a top quality live streaming service, while you also have the chance to create a parlay bet from the same match thanks to the In Play bet builder feature.


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