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What is a lay bet in greyhound racing?

, What is a lay bet in greyhound racing?

Just like the horse races, gryehounds racing comes with a massive fan base around the world. Of course, the fact that we are talking about a fast paced sport, which also comes with massive betting opportunities, have made the dogs race one of the most popularo sports to bet on. Nowadays and with the uprise of the betting exchanges, the punters also have the chance to place a lay bet on greyhound racing, instead of only the classic back bet they were used to before the exchanges. That means that the punters will also have the chance to bet on an outcome not to happen, becoming bookmakers of their own at the same time.


Does it sound intriguing? It really is and you should have in mind that lay bets on greyhound races are only possible through betting exchanges. But what should you do in case you live in a territory where the most popular exchanges are restricted? If you want to get that answer, as well as how you can take advantage of a lay bet on greyhound races, you just have to keep on reading the guide we have prepared for you.


Lay bet for greyhound racing

As we told you in the introduction, the only way to place a lay bet in greyhound racing would be by registering on a betting exchanges. Now, you have two different choices. The first would be to do it all by youself. You would have to research which are the available exchanges, check out their offerings and make your registration. Otherwise, you can just go with a betting broker like Brokerstorm.com, which offers you the chance to place your bets through 4 different exchanges. Three of them are powered by Betfair, while the 4th one is powered by Matchbook. Just visit Brokerstorm.com, register a new account and start placing your bets.


In case though you have been wondering what is a lay bet in greyhound racing and how does it work, we have the answer for you. Lay betting is a type of wagering where you declare that an outcome will not happen. You are the one to set the odds for that event and you just wait for another punter to buy your bet, stating that this outcome will happen, backing that bet in a few words. You just have to remember that you should always have the money of the liability available. That happpens because in case your choice will not come out on top, you will have to pay the punter who matched your bet. That means that you will lose your bet AND the liability by paying the opposite side. That is a function that can be found only on the betting exchanges and of course, since you are the bookmaker, you have the chance to create youw own set of odds, making the whole thing more favorable to you.


Now, that is the same way a lay bet for greyhound racing works. You are the one to choose the dog or the dogs that are not going to win, you set your odds and you wait for a punter to match your bet. The best thing is that in case you have the correct strategy, it would be difficult for you to lose, as you have 5 more dogs on the race that can be on the first place, in case we talk about the Winner market.


But that is just one of the multiple markets you can take advantage when you are eager to place a  lay bet at a greyhound racing. You can also choose to bet on a Place, meaning that you should be able to guess on which greyhound will not end up on the three first places of the race. That, of course, would be a little bit more difficult of a bet, but in the same time it would be a wager coming with a higher value on odds. Also, you can choose to wager on a forecast bet, where you will have to choose two participants from the race to not finish on the first two places, without make it more specific, which dog will not end up first and which will not end up second. These are the best choices on which you will have the chance to place a lay bet on a greyhound racing.


Possibly, you will come up with a fair wuestion like “why should I place a lay bet on greyhound races, since they seem to be risky”? First of all, you have more chances to find a dog that would not be able to end up first than the other way around. Secondly, there are not limits on the amount of money you can wager when the talk goes to a lay bet on greyhound races. That means that in case you are a pro punter, you are mostly welcome.


Finally, if you make your research properly, it would be difficult for you to lose when placing a lay bet on the greyhound races, as things are pretty much straight forward here. You have to see the performance of the dogs on the latest courses and on the most recent races on specific lengths and you will have your answers. Just remember to choose dogs from the first races of the day, since the ones participating on the last ones are usually the most tired dogs.

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