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The top asian bookies for horse racing

Horse racing is one of the top sports on which punters enjoy betting nowadays. The best way to access horse races and bet on them is via the Asian betting market. But why should you use Asian bookies for horse racing and not a traditional European or American betting site? The answer is that you will have many more benefits on an Asian site than on any other one.

Most of them offer quite higher odds than the usual bookmakers on horse racing. Asian bookies also usually have higher betting limits than what you will find on other betting platforms. This is the biggest reason why professional players and high rollers prefer this kind of betting sites to place their high stake wagers.

In the following paragraphs, you will see which is the most popular betting agent for asian betting markets and where you will find the best horse betting markets to bet on. Moreover, you will read about some great alternatives to horse racing and sports betting in general, and how you can register with them through a bet broker.


How to bet on the top horse racing asian bookies

Even though horse racing betting is one of the most popular betting markets, you should know that not every betting site has it available to the punters. Even the biggest exchanges might not provide this option for wagering. So be aware of this detail before you decide to deposit your money on a bookie. Let’s take a look on the best choices when the talk goes to the best Asian bookmakers or on betting exchanges offering Horse races.


Pinnacle is one of the biggest Asian bookies for horse racing. The bookmaker offers a wide range of horse races from all over the world and the most popular betting markets. In general, the platform is considered the ideal place for pro players who want to bet on horse racing with Asian bookies.

To be honest though, Pinnacle has a few drawbacks as a bookie. Some of them are that the platform doesn’t have any sign-up bonuses or promotions, and the withdrawals are not free.  To be exact, only the first withdrawal each month is free, but after that you must pay a certain fee. As for the lack of promotions, the reason behond that is that the bookie mostly relies on the extra high odds. Additionally, Pinnacle doesn’t come with as many sports as other horse racing Asian bookies.

However, Pinnacle has some certain advantages that you won’t find in other Asian bookies with horse racing. For example, the odds are among the highest in the betting industry, and the bookmaker offers lots of bets and lines to the punters. Moreover, the most popular sports have a great coverage, and live betting offers a great experience for the player.

Unfortunately, Pinnacle is not available to everyone. Due to geographical restrictions, the bookie can only operate in certain countries. But if you open an account with a broker, then you will probably gain access to Pinnacle and other Asian bookies with horse racing. Brokerstorm.com includes some great alternatives for you to bet on horse racing.


PS3838 is one of the best choices for the bettors’ for many sports, but not for horse racing. However, the sportsbook is considered to be one of the top Asian bookmakers for many good reasons. The platform offers a wide variety of sports from all over the world and lots of betting markets. To be more specific, over 20 sports are available for betting. Some of them are soccer, basketball, tennis, American football, hockey, cricket, and many more.

However, even if PS3838 is one of the top Asian bookies, horse racing is absent from the site. You will not find any races or tracks to bet on as this option is not available on the bookie. Still, PS3838 is a great sportsbook because it has a lot of events and markets, high odds, and bets with high stakes.

If you want to register for PS3838, you must do it through a broker, as it happens with most of the horse racing Asian bookies. Punters usually use brokers to bet on sportsbooks and betting exchanges that they don’t have access to for various reasons. In this case, Brokerstorm.com is the ideal betting agent to open an account with and get access to PS3838.

Through Brokerstorm.com, you will have lots of benefits, like many payment options and great customer support. But the most important thing is that you will have access to many other betting exchanges and horse racing asian bookies. In this way, you will be able to check the odds of each event on the market and always bet on the highest ones.

Another benefit is that you will have access to all those betting sites available via Brokerstorm.com through just one central account. Of course, that would be great since you don’t have to remember various usernames and passwords. In addition, it’s an easier and faster way to browse through sites and compare the odds you are interested in.

Whitehorse and Orbit Exchange

If you decide to register an account with Brokerstorm.com, you will have the ability to bet on two excellent betting exchanges, which seem to be the top choices for horse racing bets. The first is the Whitehorse exchange, a platform that many punters prefer instead of Asian bookies for horse racing. Whitehorse offers a huge number of horse races, with the option not only to bet on a horse, but also lay on an outcome.

Except for the horse racing section, Whitehorse also comes with a huge array of betting markets on other sports. The most popular of them are basketball, soccer, tennis, motorsports, golf, while you can also place your bets on many secondary sports. It also has great coverage on greyhound racing, with back and lay bets from the most famous race tracks in the world.

The second alternative to Asian bookies for horse racing that you will find on Brokerstorm.com is the Orbit Exchange. The platform offers a simple, yet quite modern and fast website, also coming with a wide number of sports. OrbitX also has the option for lay betting, not only on horse racing but on every sport available.

The exchange has an arbitrage friendly approach, which means that it accepts high stakes from professional players. Furthermore, it has high liquidity for your bets to be matched right away, and the odds of the events are very high. In fact, they are easily comparable to those of Betfair.

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