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Sports betting brokers – How to win more?

If you’ve been aspiring to become a better punter or even a professional one, then we are pretty sure that you’ve heard at least once the term betting brokers. Frankly, it’s completely reasonable, as within the last few years there is an ever increasing wave of players that are turning to spread betting brokers.

There are many good reasons to opt for this kind of site. In a nutshell, you can simply register with a broker, and instantly get access to plenty of betting exchanges and bookmakers worldwide through a single account. The best part is that you can access all of them without the typical limitations and regardless of your origin country. Brokers practically act as a middle man between punters and operators. What’s more, you can be sure that you will enjoy higher odds, a high stake limit and a wide array of bonuses. If you are more into exchange betting, you’ll be glad to know that the best spread betting brokers like Brokerstorm.com, offer the lowest commission rates on the market that don’t exceed 3%.

If all of the above sound intriguing, stick with us. In this article we will analyze how you can start winning money through betting broker platforms. You will learn the procedure from scratch, how these sites operate and many more.


What are the spread betting brokers?

Sports betting brokers are considered agencies that aim to help the experienced or professional bettors to make sure profit through a quite straightforward procedure. They practically act as intermediates between the punter and the Asian bookies or betting exchanges. What you have to do in case you are interested of opting for it, is open a single account at the betting brokers agency you wish and then access any of the provided, numerous operators at the relevant broker.

There are many pros that work on your behalf, if you decide to open an account and benefit from the broker’s products. First of all. you retain your anonymity, as you basically let the broker bet on your behalf and don’t risk exposure of your personal data. Besides that, by accessing multiple operators all at once, you can compare odds between sharp bookies and betting exchanges which can help you arbitrate way easier and make sure profit.

Another thing that betting brokers exceed at, is the fact that you can win an abundance of bonus offers, since you will be wagering at more than one operators. Depending on your activity, you are more than likely to get a loyalty bonus more than often.

Brokerstorm.com is arguably one of the best spread betting brokers on the market. Our main target is to make your betting life easier by offering a solid range of distinguished betting exchanges and Asian bookmakers for your convenience. We can guarantee your safety and anonymity with the best SSL Encryption system and a standard but flexible KYC procedure. That’s because the transparency in our products and our actions is one of the main pillars as to why pro punters and arbitrageurs choose us. The process of signing up with us and getting started is significantly easy, and you can start putting your stakes in no time.


Create an account on the best spread betting brokers

In general, as we slightly mentioned above, creating your account at sports betting brokers is a quick and effortless procedure. First of all, most sites can thankfully be accessed from the majority of countries worldwide. As a result you can have many options among betting brokers. Definitely, at least one site will be available in your region.

In order to choose among the best betting brokers, it is essential to do a thorough research on their product. This way you will be entirely sure if the product suits you. Many sites can also offer you the possibility to set your account at a demo mode and try several diferent sites before choosing to leave your money there.

Nonetheless, you will most likely have to provide your personal info prior to registration, such as email, general data as country of origin and age, and after that you will get a confirmation in order to activate your account. Most of the betting brokers follow this process in order to begin using their services.

Talking specifically about opening your account here at Brokerstorm.com, one of the most distinguished spread betting brokers, the process is similar and quick enough. At first, you will have to press the sign up option anf fill in the relevant form. After that, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how you can access your account. Note that these intructions will mention trial accounts and you will getting started with demo accounts on 3 of our sites Orbitx exchange, Asianstorm and PS3838 sportsbook.

After checking every available betting exchange or sharp bookmaker available and want to begin wagering, you will have to contact our customer support and request to open a real account. You will simply have to complete the standard KYC procedure and within a day or so, you can start playing without further hassle.


How do the betting brokers operate?

So far, you have basically got the bigger picture as of what are the sports betting brokers. Nonetheless, we will dive in and let you know everything related to how they operate. This way, it will also be easier for you to make up your mind whether or not this type of betting process suits you or not.

Well, we mentioned earlier that spread betting brokers such as Brokerstorm.com act as middlemen and practically facilitate your bets on your behalf. You will only open a single account that can give you access to numerous betting exchanges and Asian sportsbooks that have partnered with the relevant brokerage agency. This way, you will not only benefit from playing in more than one operators but also evaluate and be able to bet with the highest odds available on the market.

This situation has many benefits we will analyze below, however, you need to keep in mind that obtaining a single account at one of the best spread betting brokers, means that you will have less administrative work and you will also save valuable time by avoiding to spend unnecessary time in order to move your funds from the one operator to another. Added to that, you won’t have to track funds on multiple accounts which is also really beneficiary. All of the above will save you time that is of the essence when you are trying to arbitrate.

Well, all that sound amazing but how the best sports betting brokers earn their money for providing their services? They simply get a commission from the operators by bringing punters in or they charge you a commission either for every won bet or every transaction (e.g. a fixed fee for your withdrawals). Typically the commission is pretty small compared to the benefits brokers bring to the table and the profit you wil have earned by the end of the day.

Advantages of betting on betting brokers

By now you may have grasped several pros that the sports betting brokers can offer you in order not only to become a better punter but also get a solid, sure profit. Nevertheless, we are pretty sure that there are still many things you are not familiar with, hence, we will do our best and cover them below. So, on this specific section of our betting brokers guide, we will tear down every single advantage that they come up with. Stick with us and get all the essential information as to how you can exploit  spread betting brokers on your behalf.


You may access bookies that you might be limited

How many times have you compared bookies through affiliate sites in order to check the best odds available only to realize that one of them if not more are not available in your country? We are pretty sure it is more than once, even if you have tried to use mirror sites. Since, not every bookie or betting exchange has a local license to operate in your country, you don’t have to be missing their top-notch procuct. By opting for betting brokers, you will easily access well-established operators like PS3838 (Pinnacle alternative) that would otherwise be unavailable in your region.


With  one account you bet on many betting exchanges (interlinking on betting exchanges towards the main betting exchange page)

The one and only account that you will create at the betting brokers, can give you access to more than 10 operators or so among betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers. The benefits are immense here, as you will instantly be able to compare their odds and place your bets accordingly without the need to move money between your accounts all the time. This process will save you from wasting your time by transfering funds, as we all know that it is impossible to find great betting opportunities and wager on them if you don’t have sufficient funds on your balance. Well, problem solved!


Perfect for arbitrage

Following the previous benefit, we cannot fail to mention that there is no better place for arbitrage betting than a broker agency. Besides saving time by transfering funds and accessing multiple operators, you can add another arrow in your quiver which is an arbitrage software and find sure betting opportunities in no time. As you can understand, when you want to arbitrate, time is money and you definitely don’t want to waste it. What’s best, If you opt for one of the best sports betting brokers, you can get unlimited access to Asian bookies, get the highest odds to do arbitrage and of course, you won’t face any consequences such as betting or account limitations.


Bet with Asian Handicap (interlinking on betting exchanges towards the asian Handicap page)

Most brokers can offer you more than 10 operators to wager and among them, you will definitely find Asian bookmakers, that are known for their friendly approach towards winners and pro bettors. Certainly, their field of expertise are Asian handicaps and you will get to benefit from this type of betting where the odds are on your behalf. Provided that you’ve known your stuff and the leagues or teams that you want to bet at, the process is simple. You can check the odds between a wide array of Asian handicaps such as goal difference or cards and corners, and get the best value out of your sure bets.


Flexible KYC

The majority of the best spread betting brokers have a relatively flexible KYC policy, meaning that the procedure is pretty quick and easy to complete. Typically, after getting your confirmation email you need to verify your account. In most cases, you have to provide a proof of identity, (ID/Passport/Driving license) and then a proof of address, which might be a utility bill or a credit card statement issued within the last 3 months. Nothing too complicated. Note that in several occassions when you choose to top up your account via bank transfer or credit card, they broker agency might request from you to verify the means of payment in order to confirm that you deposit with our own account and not another one’s.


Quick withdrawals

Another great advantage of betting brokers is the fact that all of your transactions are completed within a very short time frame.  In most cases, by the time you request a withdrawal, it is processed in less than a day, sometimes in less than a few hours. As it is totally plausible, we suppose that you prefer depositing via ewallets or cryptos to retain your anonymity. Hence, the betting broker will inform you to request a withdrawal the same way you deposited. Every transaction from ewallet to ewallet or cryptos take a few minutes to be facilitated. So, you will get your earnings in your account instantly.


Are the best betting brokers trustworthy?

It is completely understood, if you are still hesitant to play at sports betting brokers, albeit, if you keep close attention to the following, you will have nothing to worry about. We’ve seen many cases where untrustworthy operators don’t pay up winnings or cancel bets and limit accounts. Thankfully this is not the case, at least with the majority of spread betting brokers.

In every case, your first and foremost priority before leaving your money anywhere, is to check for the license at the bottom of the main page. A well-established gambling authority that regulates a relatively unknown site, can guarantee you that you will play somewhere that you will be treated fairly to say the least. Most reputable authorities have a good complaint resolution and can work on your behalf if anything shady occurs.

Besides that, it is essential to do your own research online and then choose among the best spread betting brokers available on the market. The betting community is a close one where nothing remains hidden especially if we are talking about a great betting broker. All in all, if you have confirmed that many experienced bettors endorse a betting broker, it is safe to say that it can be deemed as trustworthy.

Betting brokers vs bookmakers

Certainly you might had been thinking that opening an account at one of the betting brokers was not as easy as opening an account at a single bookmaker. It is completely understood in a way, as you might had limited knowledge on how they operate and what they offer. In any case, we believe that you might have reconsidered this thought as we’ve analyzed pretty much everything so far.

Despite all of the pros that betting brokers come up with, how you should know if they suit your game and if you can benefit from them? Well to put it simply, it depends on your needs. If you are a recreational bettor who simply places a bet or two every now and then, a bookmaker can entirely cover your needs. On the other hand, if sure profit is what interests you the most and how you will increase your bankroll, then there is no point to even do a spread betting brokers comparison with bookies.

By opting for the best betting brokers, you will instantly be able to play at numerous operators all at once and you will save time as you won’t have to transfer funds from one account to another. This way it is way easier to find sure bets and exploit them in no time. Besides that, the odds you will get will always be way higher than a single bookmaker and it will be easire to compare them and find them in order to do arbitrage, matched betting or even find value bets and wager.

Last but not least, brokers are not inferior to bookmakers in withdrawal times or even customer support. The choices are limitless to complete your transactions as they are usually processed in less than 24 hours and you can also benefit from quick response times to any of your queries.


1) What do I earn from betting with the betting brokers

If you are reluctant regarding the betting brokers, know that they come with unlimited pros and you can just benefit from every single one of them. You can bet at several operators, even ones that are not normally available in your country, through a single account. This way, you will find the best odds in order to arbitrate and you will keep your funds all in one place as there is no need to transfer them between multiple accounts.

2) Will I find any esports betting brokers?

Choosing between the best sports betting brokers, it is certain that you will find operators that offer esports in order to wager. Brokerstorm.com provides well-established betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers that come with an abundance of esports single events and tournaments with the highest odds such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Fortnite, PUBG and many more.

3) Which one is the top spread betting broker?

By doing a simple spread betting brokers comparison, you will understand that Brokerstorm.com can be your go-to operator when it comes to broker agencies. We are offering a top-notch betting product that covers any type of bettor. No matter if you are a recreational or a professional one who wants to get the best odds to arbitrate, we are here for you. Choose between betting exchanges such as Winfair24, Orbit and Whitehorse or bookies such as PS3838 and a great platform like AsianStorm that are simply unparalleled.

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