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Why you should bet/trade at exchanges

When it comes to betting, you have many options to choose from in terms of what you will bet on. Today, though, we have even more choice on where we want to place a bet. In the past, you had numerous markets but limited marketplaces; today, that is not the case. One thing that might confuse some bettors, though, is the prevalence of betting exchanges.

These offer a different approach than a normal sportsbook or bookmaker. Wondering why you should trade at exchanges? Then take these five reasons into account when making your overall decision.

Why you should trade at exchanges

You can lay your bet

One of the main reasons to go down the route of using an exchange is the ability to lay your bets. For many people, this is a crucial skill they can benefit from using. Betting against a selection from winning is, for many, easier than choosing an outright winner. This allows you to essentially ‘be the bookie’ and let others bet against you, adding much-needed flexibility and choice.

No need to find a winner

Following on from the above, exchanges are useful as you no longer need to find an outright winner to get some winnings. Many of us can spot a loser; spotting a winner is much harder. That is why many use betting exchanges, though; they can find they can make good returns on spotting a loser as opposed to a winner.

Now, you can make sure you can cover yourself and find better betting opportunities.

More authentic pricing

One of the main reasons why you should trade at exchanges, though, revolves around pricing. With a bookmaker you are placing bets on what they think are the fair prices. With an exchange, the rate is set by the users to an extent. This means that you can get a better price on bets, meaning that more outlandish bets are more likely to be given the large returns that they should have been carrying in the first place.

Trading on markets

A big bonus of the exchange industry is that you can trade on markets. Now, you do not have to make sure that all of your bets are in pre-event, and you can profit during the life of the event. This means that you can use real-time charts and views to make sure that you can easily spot the best opportunities that might yield a profit. No more pre-event betting and hoping for the best with exchanges!

Transparent customer service

With a betting exchange, solving and handling disputes is so much easier. You can find that it is easier to handle things like account issues, disputes over payouts, and getting money in and out of your account. Bookmakers tend to start with a sense of suspicion for the most part; exchanges tend to be more open-minded and friendly. As such, resolving disputes and making sure you can benefit from your betting is much easier than with a bookmaker.

All in all, the above are just a few of the reasons why you should trade at exchanges – think about giving it a shot. Bookmakers offer something you might have already grown tired of; why not see if an exchange can offer something more satisfying and organic?