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How to Find Value Bets in 2022

Betting is, for most, all about having fun. For some, though, it is about extracting value from tough situations. One of the best ways to go about extracting and finding value within the world of betting, though, is to look for value finds. The secret of how to find value bets in 2022, though, is not much different to previous years.

If you want to make sure that you are finding better value on your deals, though, we recommend that you try and use the following tips. This should make locating a worthwhile deal a little bit easier.

Focus on a specific league

Many bettors jump from league to league, and do not learn enough to find true value in betting. You should try and become a specialist in one particular league. For example, you could focus all of your betting in the future on the German Bundesliga.

This is useful as you start to know more about the league, its teams, its participants etc. – thus making spotting value bets a little easier.

Choose a sport you understand

This might seem obvious, but many try to bet on sports based on the odds. To know how to find value bets in 2022, you should focus on sports you grasp. For example, it is easier to spot a value bet in the NBA if you know the rules of the game. It also helps to better plan for a match-up. For example, is a small-sized but technically-gifted football/soccer team about to play a team who are obstinate, physically aggressive, and good at set-pieces?

Spend more time evaluating probability

The best way to find value bets in 2022 is to understand probability a little bit better. Implied probability is most easily worked out by taking the decimal odds of an event and dividing the number 1 by this. So, something with 2.20 odds would be calculated using 1 / 2.202. This will give you a rough idea of what the odds should be in percentage terms, giving you an idea of how likely the bookmaker believes a certain outcome to be.

Review your previous success/failures

The simplest way to know how to find value bets in 2022, though, is to learn from previous mistakes and successes. Make sure you look at your previous value bets. What did you get right? Why was that correct? Where can you use that information on future bets?

You need to leave your bias behind and look towards what the results and the figures say.

Do not give up

Lastly, make sure that you do not start giving uyp because you make a few mistakes or wrong choices. Finding value bets is an experience; it is like playing guitar. Nobody can play Stairway to Heaven on their first day picking up guitar. Learning how to find value bets in 2022 will involve gaining experience – sometimes bruising experiences where you make an expensive mistake.

Over time, though, you will learn, and you will improve your results. You simply need to make sure you persevere after that first expensive learning moment!

Keep these simple tips in mind, and you might find that value betting stops being the headache that it once seemed!