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Can I make lay bets on horse markets?

When it comes to horse racing betting, it is tough to back a winner. Instead, many people choose to use the more easy to understand option of laying a bet. When you lay a bet in horse racing, you are essentially backing a horse not to win. With so many horses per race, many find it easier to go down the route of laying a horse not to win as opposed to picking an outright winner.

So, if you are wondering ‘can I make lay bets on horse markets?’ then you will be happy to know that you can indeed!

By using a betting exchange like Betfair, you can lay bets on horse racing with ease. However, please note that some platforms might not provide you with the chance to lay bets – most Betfair white label platforms do not offer a ‘lay’ market for horse racing. What they do offer, though, is placing a ‘back’ option which can be a decent alternative. Many exchanges, though, will offer horse market lay betting.

Betfair itself, though, should provide you with the chance to lay a horse. Many choose to lay the favourite and then hope for the best, while others might have more tactical plans in mind.

Why would I want to know if I can I make lay bets on horse markets?

Put simply, this allows for you to easily pick something that might be more likely to happen than X horse winning. As any regular of horse racing will know, the favourite is not often the winner. Horse racing is so complex and unpredictable that it is not always the favourite that gets anywhere near winning the whole thing!

If you decide to go down the route of laying a horse prior to betting exchanges, you had to back every other horse. That was obviously more costly and would typically lead to losses or minimised profits. Today, thanks to betting exchanges, you can lay the single horse you intended.

Laying an overpriced favourite is a common choice for those who get involved in this kind of market. You might even choose to lay the field on an exchange so that you still see a profit when a number of your lays pay off. Some even choose to back a horse in the pre-race knowing that it will see its price dip during the running. There are many ways to lay horses in a betting exchange.

Many like to go down the ‘DOBBING’ route – which is all about double or bust. In essence, you would back a horse pre-race as above, and then place a lay bet at half the odds and double the stake to ensure that you can double your winnings. Of course, if you are wrong, you lose it all!

Horse racing is an enjoyable sport to be involved in, but you need to know what you are doing – at least a little – before you can truly enjoy it. If you feel like simply trying to back the winner is a mugs game, then you might want to try some alternatives. So, if you wonder if you can lay bets on horse markets, you can. Like any other form of gambling, it requires skill, awareness, research, and a little helping of luck to make it work in your favour.

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