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Alternative betting exchanges

When it comes to placing a bet with a betting exchange, you have quite a few choices on the market. For many, though, the simplest place to stick to is Betfair. It is the largest and most respected betting exchange. However, there are some viable and useful alternative betting exchanges.

Want to try one of these alternate options out? Then you should do so today. We recommend that you take a closer look at some of the following betting exchanges. They all come with decent reputations, and make a good alternative from sticking with the same old place.

What are the best alternative betting exchanges?


The first place we recommend you look into would be Betdaq. Betdaq is very popular with people who are looking for a good alternative to Betfair. Like the aforementioned, Betdaq has been around for a while and provides some good alternative options. For one, their flat commission rate of 2% is among the most suitable in the business.

They offer numerous categories, though admittedly they still offer less variety than Betfair can. They also offer lots of great promotions, so if you want to get some freebies consider signing-up to Betdaq.


A good next choice for those who want to avoid Betdaq would be Smarkets. This is a great choice as it can offer fair commission rates (a flat 2%, just like Betdaq) and also provides space for trading and/or matched bets. So, it is more variable than some of the other options – they are happy to take on just about anything.

They offer some decent sign-up bonuses, too, so if you want to try out a platform that has very little qualms about who signs-up then you should take a look at Smarkets and see if it is for you.


Among the best alternative betting exchanges to Betfair, though, is Matchbook. Matchbook is very popular with users as it is so easy to use – they use the same industry-standard 2% commission fee. They make up for a lack of liquidity behind their exchange by having a very focused and professional background overall.

It is a good choice if you want a smaller market with less competition, though. Higher liquidity is always a benefit, but Matchbook offers a very reasonable overall service. It makes up for the lack of high numbers with a focused, customer-centric approach to betting exchange management. Definitely one to try out if you want a more personable, albeit less profitable, exchange.

So, which alternative betting exchange will you try?