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Asian handicap betting strategy

Much has been said about the benefits and advantages of the Asian Handicap betting. Moreover, the sheer challenge involved means it always important to have a good strategy and tactical approach. The reality is that strategic betting is far more likely to pay off than emotional betting or instinctive betting. Therefore, having this fact in mind, the expert team of professional bettors are Brokerstorm have come up with this basic, but highly recommended Asian handicap betting strategy.

There are various strategies out there that you could try to utilise, but we are a big fan of using the Over/Under Asian handicap betting strategy. This particular strategy can provide you with an easy way to make the most of Asian handicap betting rules to see a progressive result for yourself – and some more wins.

What is the Over/Under Asian handicap betting strategy?

This strategy is built around utilising Over/Under results. To start off, do not place any bets on the pre-match market odds. Once a match starts, the Over/Under odds tend to become much more enjoyable to work with and use to your advantage. The reason why is because any quick start to goals in the match could help to provide an excellent turn in the Asian handicap betting markets.

Most of the time, though, our Asian handicap betting strategy for Over/Under success comes in the second half of games. So, let us say that at half time a match was sitting at a precarious 1-2 scoreline, with the away team taking the lead.

At this point, there are already over 2.5 goals – so a bookmaker will look to cover themselves with high odds at 4.5 goals. The odds will be attractive. However, you could take the Asian handicap option of 3.75 goals – this means that you are not relying on a high-scoring second half, which is somewhat rare after a raucous first half of a match.

Always wait for the second half to begin, and around the 50-55th minute you can place the option. If the second half has not got off to a rampaging start, the odds should be very much in your favour. All you need, then, will be two goals to be scored to make sure that you can see a proper return on your money. If you get three second half goals, though, you will be winning a tidy sum by using the above numbers.

Asian handicap betting can be confusing, but utilising the power of live match Over/Under betting is the best way to go. It is an excellent solution for anyone looking to really push their results and to help them see more positive results across the board.

For most, Asian handicap betting strategies are built around trying to find the right moment for maximum value. By sticking to the Over/Under approach and waiting until the second half has started in earnest, you should have no problem at all in being able to capture some better results than before.

All in all, it is imperative to understand that patience is key to Asian handicap betting strategies, making sure that you can spot the little moment in the market where a vulnerability has been spotted. Take your time, be patient, and look to capitalise on moments of change within the flow of a match. This is how you utilise Asian handicap betting to your advantage.