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What Is A Lay Bet In Horse Racing And How It Works

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Horse races are exciting, and you may want to bet on the tournament, which has a lot of risks but can pay well. Hence, today, many punters ask, “What is a lay bet in horse racing?” We shall also answer the question and detail more about it too.

Lay Betting on Horse Racing

If you bet on any outcome that you wish not to happen, you call it a Lay Bet. If you wager on a horse with a Lay bet, you intend not to win the race. Ideally, you play the role of a bookmaker.

How will it be different from the outcome that you choose regularly? If you watch an event, you can mentally state that this team player or horse will not win. The lay bet in short, can help you monetize with this prediction that you want to make.

Is there a Catch 22?

Yes, there is! If you place a lay bet on a horse and win, you lose double. So, if you place $20 on a horse and it wins, you lose $40. However, if you bet $20 and it loses, you win $20.

This is called a liability which is the sum of money you lose when placing a lay bet. It is different from the regular bets where you want some horse to win. You will only lose if the horse wins. However, in thecase of a lay bet, the risk you take overall will affect the entire bet if your horse wins.

What Works in Your Favor

Many people ask what a lay bet in horse racing is. Remember that you can offer odds to sell your bet. You may do that when you do not want to back your bet. Punters may back a bet or sell the bets on the same game.

Now liability in Lay betting can make or break your horse betting. Note that in the case of horse racing betting, you will have to be cautious on which horse to bet on. If your choice is a short-priced horse, back it to lose as it will be more profitable that way.

A question that you might wonder is who places the bet via the Lay betting system? The veteran punters will only do that to ensure they make the lion’s share from the profit. They try to back a horse at 10/1. They lay on the same horse at lesser odds to ensure they still make a profit anyhow. The bookie would use a lay calculator to ensure they get a good percentage from their wins.

Remember that when you lay at a horse for $5, you may back it at $20, and the liability you have is $80. So if the horse wins, you can lose $20, and if the horse wins the race, your liability will equal the backer wins.

However, this is a hazardous option.It needs to observe the trends and the process for a long time before going anywhere near this.

Experienced game punters know that they need to use the best strategies to earn profit here. Ideally, if you look at it, the lay betting systemwould assume that it only works on two sports only- football and horse racing. It is also possible in other sports as well. Punters and veteran bettors use lay betting even in major championships and international events.

Notice that you have to check what you bet on and how. Learn about this before selecting your exchange platform to place the bet.