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How to Register to Brokerstorm with 5 Simple Steps

One of the main challenges that many bettors face on the online betting platform is the prospect of registration. Moreover, many platforms often tend to ask for information that is not relevant to the betting needs. Others have a very complicated registration system which can make the life harder for  their users. On top of that, many betting platforms do not offer the option to test their features and services before signing up for an account. That is why some bettors tend to face frustration. However, not all of these betting platforms are like that. Brokerstorm is well known for the fact that it offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for its users. Therefore, the Brokerstorm team of betting experts is proud to present our ultimate guide about how to register on the Brokerstorm online betting platform. The whole processes are quick, simple and easy!  Here are the five(5) main steps that you need to follow in order to register on the Brokerstorm betting platform.

I –  You can start your registration process by using this direct https://brokerstorm.com/register/ on our Brokerstorm website. Then as a user, you will have two notable options from which you can choose. The first notable option to pick is the Asian bookies. And the other is the betting exchanges. Then you can proceed with completing your request after picking one of the two options.
The registration is pretty simple and straightforward. There is not hidden elements or requests for some confidential information. All you have to do is complete your registration with your personal email address. That will prompt a swift email response in your inbox with a unique link from Brokerstorm in order to complete your registration.
Sometimes, the confirmation email can end up in your spam folder. Therefore, please make sure to check your spam folder as well. Lastly, you will need to finalize the creation of your account by completing your personal details in order to complete your registration

II – Service View and Tryout
One of the main advantages of Brokerstorm compared to other platform is that you have the unique option for Service view and tryout. On that note, it is important to emphasize that as soon as you complete your registration, you will receive an automatic email from Brokerstrom which will include test account for Orbit exchange and Whitehorse exchange as well. Through these tryouts or test, accounts will give you the unique opportunity to try the broad spectrum of Brokerstorm services. Also, through these test accounts, you will be able to obtain the information about the further steps in regards of deposit, and the possibility to open a real account which will provide you with all of the unique features that Brokerstorm can offer to the average bettor.

III – How to Get a Trial Account for fairexchange and ps3838.
Another notable aspect that shows the simplicity of Brokerstorm is that you can easily ask for trial accounts for fairexchange and ps3838. All you have to do is send an email to info@brokerstorm.com to request train accounts. As soon as the Brokerstorm team receives your e-mail, their agents will send you an e-mail with trial accounts for fairexchange and ps3838. Yes, it is that easy!

IV- Real Account
After you have successfully completed your registration, you will be able to proceed with your initial deposit request in order to create a real account with all the features, perks, and benefits. However, it is important to be aware that the minimum deposit amount is set at 50 euros which is the lowest requested amount in the betting market. Brokerstorm also goes beyond any other betting platform since it offers a broad spectrum of available deposit methods including Skrill, neteller, ecopayz, much better,revolut, bank wire. Brokerstorm also offers the unique option for making deposits with cryptocurrencies including bitcoin as the most popular one among professional bettors.

V– Withdrawal Options
One of the main challenges that many bettors and punters face is the prospect of withdrawal options. However, here at Brokerstorm, the withdrawal process is all based on feeling a high level of satisfaction and pride
But what makes this platform unique is that Brokerstorm is also offering something that not many others do. With a real Brokerstorm account, you have the option to have the 1st withdrawal per month free of charge. On top of that, Brokerstorm allows you the unique opportunity for free, unlimited transactions and free of fee withdrawal via bitcoin wallet.
The withdrawal part is something that can impact your profits, therefore you should aim for a platform such as Brokerstorm due to the benefits of the withdrawal process.

All in all, Brokertstorm offers a broad spectrum of benefits for the average bettor. Therefore, please make sure to check our other videos in order to find out how you can take advantage of the betting opportunities that the Brokerstorm platform can offer to you.
Also, Brokerstorm is a safe and secure platform that can protect your personal information with full integrity and commitment. All of the transactions and bets are done with transparency, honesty, and professionalism. Therefore, it is safe to say that registering on the Brokerstorm can open up new frontiers of wagering opportunities.

Please, do not forget to use our full video about how to register in 5 simple steps using the follow link on our youtube https://youtu.be/oNF0ZwMzJgE. And remember, pick the best bet, not necessarily the right bet.