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Soccer Betting with Handicap bets

One of the main questions that bettor ask is how the bookies place an Asian Handicap bet. Moreover, in order to understand the prospect of Asian Handicap Betting, it is imperative that you understand how to place the actual bet. Therefore, the betting expert team at Brokerstorm provided this short guide about to place the Asian Handicap bet.

Ways to Place Handicap Bets
There are actually two ways in which can place an Asian Handicap bet.
The first notable option is to place the bet on the winning team. What this means is that the bookmakers place the handicap on winning team. And this is done virtually by reducing a specific number of goals from their total goals scored in the game.
For instance, if the handicap was set to -1 to Barcelona and they drew 1-1 with Sevilla means that Sevilla won the game since you have to take off one goal from Barcelona’s total goal tally.

Another option is to place the bet on the losing team. This means that the goals are added to their total goal tally. For example, if you place the Handicap on Sevilla +1 and they manage to get a 1-1 draw, then in that case they will be the winners for betting purposes because of the one goal added to their final goal tally.

The Asian handicap table Concept
An interesting aspect of the handicap betting is the so called Asian handicap table.
On that note, it is important to emphasize that many punters usually use this kind of table in order to simplify their calculations about Asian Handicap Betting.
This unique form of table is generally divided into two parts, one for placing the bets on Underdogs and the other part for the favorites.
Moreover, these two sections are then split into three other parts including one for the final scoreline, the handicap, and for the result of the chance.
The reasoning behind this table is that it can simplify the decision making process for the average bettor. To be more specific, the Asian handicap table enables the bettor to access most of the key information that is needed to make a more accurate bet.

Therefore, you should try and maintain this table and record your bets. It will be like an archive which will provide you with all the past records. And that will help you in making the correct prediction regarding which team is going to win.
Furthermore, the archived presence of all the handicaps place will provide you with an unique insight if the favorites have the ability to surmount the handicap or not.

All in all, the handicap is a unique form of Asian big bet. It is a one of the most advanced and most rewarding forms of placing wagers on soccer. That is why, it is imperative to gain a proper understanding of this betting concept. And here at Brokerstorm, our expert team can provide you will all the needed information about how the make the best handicap bet possible.