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Asian Handicapping – Betting Tool to Limit Your Risk

Asian Handicapping – Betting Tool to Limit Your Risk
The concept of placing bets on your favourite sports is something that always comes with some risks. And while some punters see the risk-taking as part of the betting experience, other bettors are strongly focused on the prospect of mitigating the risks as much as possible. Moreover, many bettors turn to the Asian handicap model of betting to minimize their risks. However, many bettors are still not aware of how the Asian handicap concept can help you to mitigate your betting risks. Therefore, the betting experts at Brokerstorm created this guideline about how you can use the Asian handicapping as a tool to limit your risks.

Asian Handicapping Betting Tactics – Soccer
The first notable aspect that you need to consider is that the Asian handicap betting market can increase your chances of winning. That is simply because there are only two possible outcomes of the game since the draw is eliminated.

However, a more significant option that needs to be examined is the fact that you can use Asian handicaps on over/under. Moreover, a more specific Asian handicap football betting strategy for over/under is to wait for the live betting odds. The main reasoning behind that is because there are better opportunities compared to the pre-game markets. For instance, if the score in a certain game is 2-0 in the first 30 minutes, the Half Time goals market will be at 2.00 but the Asian market should be at 2.050
However, the actual value is occurring in the 2nd half. So placing bets with Asian handicap is model which is based on taking advantage of these opportunities.
For example, if you are aiming to bet on a game with an HT result of 2-1, the bookie will try to cover his risk by offering total goals such as 4.5 In the same time, the odds for the over 4.5 goals will be 2.00 or perhaps higher depending on which bookmaker you have picked.
Or you can opt for the safer option which is to take the 3.75 Asian handicap option at 1.775 in a specific situation when both sides are not scoring enough and are not goal-orientated as in the first half.

Yet, the best way to move forward is to wait until the 50th minute has passed since the over 5 option will become available. And it will be close to 2.50 which means that if two more goals are scored then you will secure your money back. In case three goals are scored, you have a winning bet on your hand.

The Bottom Line
All in all,
Asian handicapping is one of the most profitable and most attractive betting methods among punters. Also, it can be a very valuable option that can provide the average bettor with an increased chance for more betting profits. That is why the Brokerstorm team is strongly advising bettors to utilize the Asian handicapping as part of their overall betting strategy.