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Asian Handicap Betting with Asian Bookmaker

Asian Handicap Betting with Asian Bookmaker
There is a broad confusion among many bettors about the concept of Asian handicap. Moreover, not many are using the option to combine Asian handicap with other betting options. However, there are several benefits from the prospect of using the Asian handicap with the other betting models. Yet, to get a better insight into this revolutionary betting concept, it is imperative to analyze some of its main elements when it comes to betting on soccer through an Asian bookmaker.

There are different kinds of Asian Handicap, such as quarter goal handicap to a 1 ½ goal handicap. What is common for all models is that they Are all based on the same core principle. Also, all the model typically operate to smaller bookmaker margins. And this is making them a valuable opportunity that worth considering for all sports bettors.

Asian Handicap vs. Traditional Models of Betting
The traditional football or soccer betting is based on the three options including the home win, draw or away win. On the other side, the Asian handicap betting eliminates the draw as an option and it is strongly focused on the final or periodical difference between the teams. It is not a coincidence that every
Asian bookmaker is promoting this unique betting model on their platforms.

The Handicap – Full, Half lines Concept

This Asian handicap betting with the half-line +0.5 is meaning that the team that the bet is placed on heads into the match with an Asian Handicap 0.5 goal lead value. Moreover, if the team that the bet is placed on with +0.5 win or draw then the bet would be interpreted as a win. However, if the team loses then the bet is simply seen as a loss.
Another notable example is in the case when a team is selected to start the game with a 1.5 goal lead. Then if the team wins the game, draw or even lose the game with one goal difference, the bet is considered as a winning one. Yet, in case the team that the bet is placed on loses the game with two or more goals, then the bet is simply considered as a loss.

The Handicap Quarter Lines Model
The Asian handicap also includes the handicap quarter lines option. This option with the quarter line -0.25 means that the team with the bet heads into the game being behind -0.25 goals. In this case, if the team wins the game, then the bet is seen as a win. In case of a defeat, the bet is seen as a loss and in case of a draw, half of the stake is being returned.

Another example is with the quarter line -0.75 which means the team heads into the game with -0.75 goals. So if the side wins the game with two goals or more, then the bet is a winning one. But in case the team wins with only one goal, then this is a dividing bet which means half of the stake will be returned to the bettor.

The Bottom Line
The prospect of understanding the Asian handicap represents something quite simple and easy. However, you must have a good experience and good data knowledge to make some profitable Asian handicap betting through
Asian bookmaker platform. We, are at Brokerstorm strongly believe that understanding the different kinds of Asian Handicap