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Asian Bookmakers vs. European Bookies – Comparison Analysis

Asian Bookmakers vs. European Bookies – Comparison Analysis
The modern online betting can be a challenge for many beginners in the betting industry. From the betting options to the prospect of picking the right sport, many rookie punters find out that the betting can be a complex process in the early days. Moreover, there are many that struggle to understand the bookies. Most notably, Asian bookmakers are known to be distinct kinds of operators in the betting world.
On the other hand, the European bookies are well known for their traditionalism and consistency. Having these two facts in mind, the Brokerstorm team created this comparison analysis about the Asian and the European bookmakers.

Asian Bookmakers vs. European Bookies – Overview
Asian bookies are known to be a strong alternative for many professional bettors. On the other side, the European bookmakers are known that offer some freebies that make them attractive for the average punter. However, the reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages for both bookmakers depending on your goals and budget.
European Bookmakers
One of the main advantages of the Euro bookies is the fact that these betting platforms are well-known brands and most bettors are aware of them. Moreover, their odds are based on the simple concept of 1×2. In the same time, they have the option for online casino and poker options. Combined with that the European bookmakers offer a broad spectrum of bonuses and they are seen as the traditional betting providers.
Another element that needs to be analyzed for the European bookies is the net odds. On that note, it is important to emphasize that they tend to offer slightly worse odds when compared to the Asian bookies. However, the option to redeem bonuses can compensate for that downside.
They also offer many of the secondary markets that are not present with the Asian Bookies.

Asian Bookmakers
The Asian bookmakers offer a market that attracts those big punters. They focus on these bookies because there are not many restrictions when it comes to betting on their markets.
Most notably, the Asian Handicap model is the most used for the
best Asian bet possible. Moreover, this system provides the possibility of betting limits too high to 8 figures. Therefore, if you are mastermind for the Asian handicap, then the Asian bookmakers are the best option for the best Asian bet on the market.

Another factor that you should be aware of is that some Asian bookmakers can be just based on the betting style. That means that Asian bookmakers are not registered in Asia, but at other places that are not on the Asian continent. Yet, they still operate on the principles of the Asian bookmaker model.

Which Bookmaker is Ideal for You?
Now the ultimate question here is about which is the right bettor to pick for your wagers. The reality is that there is no black and white, or left or right answer. But there are certain aspects that you can consider before making your pick. For instance, if you are a rookie, then you should start with the 1×2. Then you should slowly transit towards the
best Asian bet known as Asian handicap.

The Bottom Line
On a conclusive note, we can agree that both styles of bookies can provide the average bettor with distinct advantages. Here at Brokerstorm, we always recommend that every bettor should diversify his/her bettors. That way you can always have a portion of your budget at each kind of bookmaker to enjoy the benefits from both worlds.