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Soccer Betting with Asian Bookmakers

The Asian Big Bet – Prospect of Soccer Betting with Asian Bookies
Betting on soccer has always been popular all over the world. The Asian sports bookmakers have also been following the trend of online betting on many different soccer leagues. One of the main leagues that traditionally attracts the attention of the bettors around the world is the English Premier League. Betting on English leagues, in general, has become a culture among bettors and Asian sports bookmakers. Given this fact, the Brokerstorm expert betting team completed this guide about betting on English Premier League.


Types of EPL Online Bets

There are a few betting options that the Asian sports bookmakers offer when it comes to bets on the Premier League.
The first notable betting options that all bookies (including the Asian sports bookmakers) offer is the full-time result which includes betting on full-time result, 1X2 (Win/Draw/Lose) and betting with Asian Handicap. This often can be found as a 3-way betting, 1X2 betting entails placing a bet on a Premier League match with as to whether a team will win, lose or will the game ends with a draw. Also, betting on Asian Handicap provides more excitement due to fact that this type of betting can eliminate the possibility of a draw. It can be on a goal advantage or a goal deficit, which is added to or deducted from a specific team’s full-time score.
Moreover, the result of this betting is decided after calculating the goal handicap from each team’ score at the end of the game. To be more specific, if you place a specific bet on the team with goal deficit and they lead the match even after deducting that value from their fulltime score, then you win the bet and vice-versa.

The other option is the Half Time/Full-Time bets. This means that you are predicting how the game will end at both halves. However, it is important to emphasize that you will have to gain some experience in EPL betting before placing this kind of wagers.
On top of that, it is wise to analyze the tactics and the game mindset of the Premier League sides. For instance, a team that is playing with 11 men in their half is not usually scoring too many goals. So keep in mind how the teams are approaching the games, are they defensive, or they score a lot of goals, or maybe they are good at home, or inconsistent in away games.

The next betting concept is Game Total. Through this kind of bet, you have to bet with the total benchmark set by the bookie. Moreover, one of the most common betting options is 2.5 goals or 3+. Once again, you will need to have some knowledge of the league including the defensive and offensive factors of the EPL teams.
Additionally, certain Asian Bookmakers also offer the prospect of Combo Bets. This is notable for those bettors that aim a huge return in profit from their investment. Same is in the game total betting, you will need to have a detailed examination about your betting picks. Also, the bookmakers tend to charge a certain amount in commission, which in turn drops in the value of your combo bet. Nevertheless, if you have a winning bet, then the value of each selection pick will be multiplied into the next. And this inturn can maximize your profit with a proper Asian big bet.
Additionally, some of the Asian bookmakers offer many other types of bets such as Draw No Bet which is betting on a draw, Exact Score, and many other betting options.

The Bottom Line
Asian bookmakers offer a broad spectrum of betting opportunities. Among them is also the option for soccer and the English Premier League. However, even if it may seem simple, the reality is that you need to place your bets carefully. That is why Brokerstorm is suggesting that every bettor should gain knowledge of the sport and the league. That knowledge can maximize the opportunities for winning Asian bet.