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Soccer Betting – Asian Bookies

Soccer Betting –Asian Bookies
Football or soccer as it is known in North America still represents the most popular sport on the planet. That popularity has also attracted many bettors around the world. And it is no coincidence that the Asian Soccer bookies are focusing on this noble sport. Regardless of where you live, you most probably follow the European Soccer leagues such as the Primera, Serie A or the English Premier League or other local leagues. However, the reality is that there are still many people that do not know how to bet on soccer. Therefore, in this article, we will address this topic.

Asian Soccer Bookies
The Asian soccer bookmakers took a different approach compared to the European counterparts. To be more specific, the betting format that the Asian soccer bookies took was unique. On that note, it is important to emphasize that the Asian handicap is the traditional way of how Asians used to place bets on soccer. This means that you add a handicap to the specific odds. For instance, if the home side is at -0.5 and the match ends in a draw, per the Asian handicap it means that the home team lost and the away team won the game due to the odds being at +0.5. The way it is designed is that it substracts in case the handicap is negative or adds in case the handicap is positive. In simple words, Asian handicap betting is a based on teams being handicapped according to their form, so that a stronger team must win by more goals for a punter betting on them to win.

Asian Handicap and Over/Under
The Asian Soccer Bookies also offer the traditional soccer betting which is based on win, draw, and loss or 1X2. As per this concept, only the results during the 90 minutes + injury time added time. They only exception is the Live Betting Asian Handicap in which bets are usually settled differently.
Another option is the Asian Handicap which is based on the spread betting concept. To be more specific, the underdog team is usually boosted to even up its chances for a win and to provide the bettor with more bet value.
Third notable option is the principle of half goals. However, there is no such thing as half a goal in soccer. Yet, for betting purposes, the half goals are popular with the Asian Handicap

You add the underdog’s handicap to the underdog’s goals scored and then if the total tally is higher than the favourite’s goals scored, the underdog is the actual winner.
That is why the Asian Handicap concept has become so popular. Yet, there are so many bets have been introduced.

Final Thoughts
All in all, the prospect of soccer betting through Asian Bookies can bring a broad spectrum of benefits. Yet, the reality is that nothing is ever guaranteed in football or soccer. That is why Brokerstrom recommends that you analyze all the possible betting options to maximize your chances of winning.