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Asian Handicap Betting – What do You Need to Know

Asian Handicap Betting – What do You Need to Know
One of the main questions that the average rookie bettor will eventually ask is what is the Asian Handicap betting? Moreover, there are even some experienced punters that are still not aware of how exactly the Asian handicap betting works. Also, others do have some knowledge but they are not quite familiar with the Asian handicap betting platform. That is why the Brokerstrom created a specific guide about what exactly is the Asian handicap betting platform and how you can benefit from this betting model.


Asian Handicap Betting Platform – The Basics
In a nutshell, the Asian handicap betting is a specific type of betting in which the odds are evened out. Also, it is slightly more complex when compared to the usual Handicap betting. But before placing your Asian Handicap bet, you must understand the difference between Handicap and Asian Handicap.

So, the basic handicap is based on the concept that the bookies are giving the underdogs a form of virtual lead before the game has even started. The reason why it is called a virtual lead is that every game start at ground level.
However, Asian handicap betting can be very useful for learning the basics of it. After all, with Asian Handicap Betting, you can win the wager depending on the handicap option. In other words, the edge is given to the underdogs as the favorites have to overcome that virtual lead to win the game as per the view of the bookmaker.

The bookmaker reasoning for handicap is to eliminate the possibility for the game to end in a draw as an outcome of the game. Moreover, the favorites always have a higher probability of winning the game, so they need to overcome that virtual wall in the form of a handicap.

Asian Handicaps – Key Benefits
The Asian Handicaps offer a broad spectrum of benefits. First and foremost, every Asian Handicap betting platform eliminates the possibility of a draw.
Another notable benefit is that the prospect of fixed-odds provides a significantly better profit margin on underdogs. Also, you have the opportunity to have a winning bet even if your team loses the game.

Asian Handicap Simple Rules
The Asian handicap betting platform is based on simple rules. For example, if you go for a -1 Real Madrid, you will get your stake back in the case of Real Madrid winning the game with one goal margin in the end. Also, in case that Real Madrid draws or loses the game, then you will lose your bet as well. However, if Madrid wins the game by a margin of 3 goals, then you will gain more profit. These are the betting rules for Asian Handicap full line.

Additionally, there is the option for Asian Handicap half-line Betting. This option is based on similar rules. To be more specific, the concept of half a goal cannot be achieved for betting purposes. Therefore, betting on half-line will never lead to a draw.
For example, if you place a bet on Real Madrid -2.5, you will have a winning bet only in case of a Real Madrid with a margin of 3 goals or more.
Finally, the Asian handicap quarter line is another variation that needs to be analyzed. The rules state that your stake gets divided in a quarter line for a 0.75 quarter line, so if your picked team wins with one goal margin, then your stake is divided which means you only win half back.

The Bottom Line
All in all, Asian handicap betting platform represents a great opportunity for placing winning bets. It is a betting concept that is ideal for those bettors that prefer to have a more tactical and strategic approach in regards to placing their wagers.