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The Ultimate Guide to Horse Lay Betting

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Lay Betting
The modern betting world offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for winning. Moreover, there are various options for the average bettor to pick from. However, the reality is that many rookies in the betting world tend to focus only on the simple wagers. Yet, this basic approach can represent a missed chance for winnings. That is why it is imperative to analyze and utilize other betting concepts. And one of those variations is the prospect of Laying horses. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze how you can profit from laying in horse racing.

Horse Lay Betting – What Do You Need to Know
A horse lay bet represents a bet on an outcome not to happen. For instance, you placed a bet on a specific horse not to win the race. The essence of this lay betting is in a way that you (the bettor) essentially become the bookmaker. The advantage of this type of betting is the fact that it might be easier to take a stance that one horse will not win. In other words, you bet on your belief and impression that something will not happen.

TIP #1 – Focus on Weaknesses
Laying horses is something many bettors talk about but never do. One of the reasons for that is the fact that many bettors are only focused on the strengths of the horse itself. However, the catalyst for success in horse racing lay is to make the ultimate switch and to focus on weaknesses. And those weaknesses can be a broad spectrum of elements. For instance, you can analyze the weakness of the specific horse, the race of the horse, the horse performance under certain weather conditions etc. Then you can analyze that data with the current pricing on the betting market. The ultimate idea is to try and target a specific horse that is more likely to perform worse than its price in the market suggests.

TIP #2 – Chase the Opportunity
Another significant advice is to always follow the opportunity. This is not just for horse races, but also it is general betting advice. However, when it comes to laying in horse racing, for instance, you can focus on the style of the horse involved. Horses which need to dominate from the front are often bad place bets when they can’t dominate from the start. Therefore, those horses go from a decent chance to no chance at all. In other words, there is a so-called fine line between winning and finishing 5th or 6th for some of the racing horses. However, the reality is that this prospect is not always reflected in the odds. Another aspect that you should pay close attention is that front-runners can sometimes become a lot shorter in the market. The reason behind that is the fact that bettors play them off in-running. In simple words, this means that the place market is significantly shorter than what is supposed to be.

TIP #3 Strong and/or Weak Travellers
This tip is strongly related to the prospect of having proper research. On that note, it is important to emphasize the element of race reading ability. In time you should be able to build up knowledge of horses and their characteristics. To be more specific, you can pick a specific horse that your research shows that it is a strong traveller and whose odds will shorten during the race for you to lay your bet.

The Bottom Line
All in all, the prospect of horse lay betting represents a unique option that can have a galvanizing effect on your betting wins. However, it is imperative to follow the proper tips and strategies that can increase your chances for a successful bet. And these Brokerstorm essential tips will place your betting strategy on the right track.