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Horse Racing Betting – What Do You Need To Know

Horse Racing Betting – What Do You Need To Know

The prospect of betting on horses has been present long before the digital wagers world has gained popularity. After all, everyone was a fan of watching ponies live on the track and making some money. But whether you’ve been to the track before or not, you probably know that horse racing bets are one of the most popular in today’s modern betting world. Yet, many people are not sure where to start. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain a better understanding of the horse racing bets concept. And this guide will provide you with some essential information that you need to get started in horse racing betting.

Horse Race Betting – The Basics
The horse racing betting is based on a different kind of bets. On that note, it is important to emphasize the essential to understand the difference between Win, Place and Show Betting. To be more specific, for a horse to “win”, it has to finish in the first position. For instance, if you place a bet a specific horse to win, then you only have a winning bet if that horse wins the race.

The 2nd basic betting option is to bet on “places”. In simple words, a place bet occurs when the bettor selects a single horse in the race to finish 1st or on the 2nd place. If that horse wins or finishes 2nd, the bet is won. It is a very simple bet but one that can offer a broad spectrum of opportunities.
The third notable basic horse race betting concept is the “Show” option. This type of bet is structured as the horse has finished on the third position. Moreover, betting on “Show” also includes finish on the 1st, 2nd, and on the 3rd spot. Therefore, if your horse pick ends the race on one of the first three positions, you have a winning bet on your hands.


The Win-Place Bets
The Win-Place Bets is a horse racing betting that is similar to the Place bet concept. The way it works is that the bettor picks a horse in the race that it will be the winner or finish 2nd. And if that horse wins of ends the race as 2nd, the bettor wins the bet. However, the finishing position is the key factor that determines the payout amount. Therefore, you have the opportunity to win more or to winless, but still to have a winning bet.

The Win-Place-Show Betting Model
This betting concept is also known as “Across the Board. It is similar to the Show bet and it is based on selecting a single horse to Win, Place or Show. This means if the horse ends the race as the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, then the bettor has a winning bet. However, the amount you win is closely related with the finishing the position, which is based on the probable payout odds on the tote board. Also, the payout is higher for Win then a Place. And the payout for Place is higher than the Show.

The Bottom Line
On a final note, we can conclude that horse racing betting can provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for big betting payouts. However, it is imperative to follow Brokerstorm guidelines and tips to have success in the horse race betting world.