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French Open Rolland Garros 2020 is here! Best Asian Bookmakers for Rolland Garros betting

As of Sunday (27/9) Roland Garros 2020 is in full swing, with the super-champion Rafael Nadal on Monday to premiere. This is essentially the third Grand Slam of the year, which will take place in a renovated facility in Paris. It should be noted that the International Tennis Institution (ATP, WTA & ITF) slightly modified the dates of Roland Garros 2020, with the aim of holding the games on the main board from 27/9 to 11/10.

The interest will be huge, with the presence of Rafael Nadal guaranteeing such a thing. Of course, Novak Djokovic cannot be missing, who in the recent US Open was eliminated in a completely inglorious way. Dominic Tiem will try to turn his eyes on him, with the Austrian tennis player celebrating his first Grand Slam title a few weeks ago.


Best Asian Bookmakers for betting on Rolland Garros 2020

When we want to bet responsibly, we always look for bookies that are licensed, experts on the type of betting of our preference – in this case tennis – that offer competitive prices over thousands of markets in a secure and properly regulated environment. With this in mind, very good options usually are






Before placing your bets, take a look at our tips, for backing a winner at the French Open is not always easy.


Search for the best players on clay-court: Moving from hard court to clay court is different. Clay plays at a much slower pace. The slow, bouncy surfaces at Roland Garros favour patience and persistence over expansive shotmaking and raw power. Search for players who have a proven track record on clay courts. Rafa Nadal is called the King of Clay since he has won 11 times. Novak Djokovic, Dominic Thiem, Simona Halep, Serena Williamsand Garbine Muguruza are all names to definitely keep a close eye on.

Be careful of the women’s draw: Experienced gamblers are notoriously wary when it comes to women’s tennis, and for good reason. To give you an illustration of what we mean by that, in 2017 French Open, world number one Angelique Kerber  lost to Ekaterina Makarova in first round, and against all odds the unseeded Jelena Ostapenko stunted Simona Halep en route to her first title.

Don’t stick to one bookmaker:  Whatever match or market you are betting on, always check multiple sites – as many as you can – to make sure you get the very best odds available.


How to bet on Rolland Garros

Tennis betting sites offer a variety of ways to bet on major events such as the French Open. These are the most popular bet types. Check them out and select the most suitable for you.

Match Betting

The main question in this type of betting is: Which player will win? This is the simplest and most common tennis betting market. You select one player or team to defeat the other. For example, the match odds on a singles bout between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer might look like this:

Player A 1.85 – Player B 2.30

If we were to bet $10 on Player A and he won, we would get $18.50 in return. In the same way, if we placed our money on Player B and he won, we would get $23 in return.

Set and Game Betting

It refers to the total number of sets won by each player (e.g. Rafael Nadal to beat Dominic Thiem 3-0) or to the winner of each individual set, or to the number of games each player wins within a set.

Here are a few popular over/under bets:

  • Number of total sets played in the match
  • Number of total games played in the match
  • Player to win the first set
  • Number of total games in a set
  • Correct set score
  • Total games won by Player X
  • Margin between total games won by Player A and Player B

Asian Handicap Betting

Tennis handicaps focus on the total number of games or sets won by each player, with the underdog given a ‘head start’ over the favourite.

Player A (-1.5) $1.45 – Player B (+1.5) $2.50

Player B gets a head start of one-and-a-half sets over Player A. If we bet $10 on the Player B for 1 odds and she/he won at least one set, we would get $25 in return. If we bet the same amount on Player A, the favorit, in order for us to get $14.50 in return, Player A would have to win 2 sets straight (2-0),

Multi bets

This gives you the opportunity to place several separate wagers on a single ticket. Each individual bet is called a “leg”, and you must win every leg in order to collect on the multi bet. For example, even if we went for a monster 15 legs and got 14 of them right, we would lose the bet.

The bigger the multi bet, the better the odds – so while adding more legs increases the risk factor, it also bumps up the potential rewards significantly.


As always, keep betting respinsibly and enjoy your winnings!