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Is it Legal to Bet Online with Asian Bookies?

Betting online with Asian bookmakers is legal, but it depends of course on the region where one might play from. Why is that? This is due to the fact that all around the globe each country and each region abide by their own specific law system. As we can clearly conclude from that, Asia can be no different. As a result, across the continent the gambling laws vary, depending on the region. Philippines and Macau, for instance, offer much more freedom for online bettors, while Indonesia and China ban online gambling.

With each year all the more regions legally allow the online betting.

For those who wish to experience the Asian betting universe, firstly they need to decide on their preferred Asian bookies, to visit their websites, and check that they accept players from their country.

Not only Asian punters benefit from using Asian Bookmakers; many Asian Bookies also accept players from across the world.

If you’re looking for an alternative to European or American bookies, on our next article we will go further on the best Asian Bookmakers for 2020, so read on!


Depositing methods at Asian Bookmakers

Depending on the country, the deposit methods at Asian Bookmakers may vary.

China residents usually deposit with their Chinese debit card, while in Indonesia and Malaysia, they can deposit with their home bank account via either online banking or at an ATM. In Thailand the residents enjoy a large selection of deposit options, whereas in Vietnam the residents are limited to MoneyGram, Western Union and local e-wallets. Many other countries, such as Singapore, they offer even more options, since Uk and most of Europe e-wallets are available.

Below we will present the most common methods for depositing at Asian betting sites.

As each Asian Bookies differ, it is normal that they accept different banking methods. Just make sure to check with the site of your preference that it uses the banking method of your choosing.


PayPal is one of the most commonly e-wallets used around the globe, hence, many Asian betting sites accept this method. Not only is it easy to transfer funds from across various betting accounts with PayPal, but it is also, and more importantly, safe and secure. Other e-wallets as such are Skrill and Neteller.

If you prefer PayPal as your e-wallet, note that it is not available in every country, therefore, make sure you check with the Asian Bookie of your preference that they allow PayPal as a banking method.

Credit and Debit Card

As it is a very convenient way for their bettors to keep track of their funds, most Asian Bookmakers allow them to use their credit or debit card to fund their account.


This is a very common method enjoyed by numerous sports bettors around the world getting more and more accepted by Asian Bokmakers, due to the anonymity and security cryptocurrencies provide. The most known cryptocurrencies ara Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Withdrawing methods at Asian Bookmakers

This is one of the huge perks of Asian Bookies comparing to the rest. Most Asian Bookmakers offer to all players, regardless of region, direct bank transfer withdrawals – often on the same or next business day!!

Therefore one of the main reasons to bet with Asian bookies is this exactly; fast and free payouts.

And what is most interesting, when in Asia, this will appear on the bank statement as a cash deposit. Yes, you heard right! Many of the Asian Bookies send a local runner, in other words an agent, to a branch of the players’ chosen bank to complete their withdrawal request as a cash deposit! And when it comes to anonymity, this is an enormous plus!

How To Find Legal, Safe Asian Bookmakers

As we mentioned in the beginning of our article there are different gambling regulations across the continent, so, how can you be sure that the Asian bookie of your choosing is legal and safe?

At https://brokerstorm.com/ we make sure we suggest bookmakers that are trusted, safe, secure, and above all licensed.

Keep up with our next article to find more about the best Asian Bookmakers!

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