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Why choose Asian bookmakers?

, Why choose Asian bookmakers?

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Whether you are an experienced gambler or a novice bettor, the term ‘bookmaker’ should be very familiar to you. You can’t really place a bet, unless someone accepts to take money and pay you off, if the bet is successful. That pretty much sums up what a bookmaker does.

What can you bet on?
Well, traditional bookmakers offer bets mainly on soccer, basketball or horse racing, but, in recent years, bookmakers have enlarged the event types being offered to attract more people. In many countries, whether it is a traditional street bookie or an online one, the events you might be able to bet on are numerous. They range from well-known sports, namely tennis, handball, volleyball, soccer and horse racing to less known, such as greyhound racing, darts and bets on political elections or cinema awards.

We have got you covered on what a bookie really does. It is high time we talked about European/US Bookmakers VS Asian Bookmakers and why you should choose one.
Asian Bookmakers rose over the last decade, now being a huge competitor to traditional European bookmakers that used to rule the gambling world. They are bookies located in the continent of Asia, counting millions of customers and many advantages that make them look very attractive to the modern bettor.
If you live in Asia, then you are lucky and probably know the whereabouts of the local bookies. If you are a habitant of the rest of the planet, then your curiosity brought you here and a new gambling world is about to be unveiled. Probably the biggest advantage of the well-known Asian Bookmakers is the fact that they have a very user-friendly subscription policy, with minimum requirements on verification process. On the contrary, you might find yourself lost in paperwork when you make your attempt to join a European bookie, leaving you frustrated and tired from all this age and identity verification torture.
While some time ago Asians offered very few deposit options, today huge steps to enhance the betting experience have been made. Bank transfers, electronic wallets even crypto currency is accepted as payment methods, matching what in the past was a European Bookies exclusive. So either you are a user of famous wallets, namely Neteller and Skrill, or you want to pay and be paid in Bitcoin, there are bookmakers that will cover your need and even give you the opportunity to choose the best suitable currency regarding your deposit.

When it comes to pure gambling pros and cons, Asian Bookmakers have a hidden Ace in their sleeve. Offering enormous limits and allowing big players go after big profits that are limited elsewhere is a fact that none of the European/US bookies can match. Taking also into account the truly wide range of Asian handicap bets being available, then you have got yourself a betting paradise. Well, almost. There are cons too.
In European/US bookies welcome bonus is a thing. You actually can get these 100% welcome bonuses you see advertised and, in fact, it is often reason enough to choose them over the Asian ones that offer very limited bonuses. Other pros of the EU/US bookies is that they offer a huge variety of In-Play bets, whereas Asians are more into handicaps and fixed results.
What no one will tell you about most US/EU bookies is that they are not particularly fond of watching you winning; in fact, if you are good at this, they will probably close your account fast. That is another thing that Asian bookmakers are better into. They are attracting big players, even winners, and offer better odds on the same events. At the end of the day, if you are a big spender that wants the best odds risk free, then you probably know by now what suits you.

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