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How does Betfair Exchange work?

If you’re new to the betting world, then words like Betfair exchange might look unfamiliar and strange to you. This article is here to light up these dark corners of the online gambling industry.

Bookies used to dominate the gambling market before online betting became a trend. When internet became popular, the same deal bookies that until that time were street-only went online, making a great impact on the betting industry. Easy access on the gambling sites attracted bigger crowd and bookies never looked back ever since. Betting on a common bookmaker platform is easy and most punters know how to do it. What they do not know, however, is that a single bet offers great winnings to the bookie and everything is calculated, so that the bookmaker makes a big profit out of it. Having no option, the bettors could only try and improve their techniques and eliminate losses, but, as we all know, this is not easy, but rather rarely possible.

In the year 2000 things changed, though. Two exchange platforms would become popular, that is Flutter and Betfair. Based on the idea of the stock market exchanges, they offer the gamblers the opportunity to aggravate between them. Just like the share owners sell stocks. In the exchange language the seller is called a layer, while the buyer a backer. In the stock market exchange users sell a possible outcome. If this outcome matches another player’s forecast, then he buys this outcome. Back and lay are these features that diversify an exchange to the standard bookies, allowing bettors to live trade during a sports event to make a better profit and maximize winnings. Another noticeable difference between bookmaker platforms and exchanges is the way they get their profits. The well-known bookies offer odds less profitable for the players. This way, a percentage of the possible winnings never reach the bettor, making, thus, the bookies rich over time.

Exchanges normally charge a percentage only on winning bets widely known as commission. Eventually, most punters find out that, if they find themselves on a winning streak, most of the times bookmakers lock their accounts, so that their loss is limited. This is avoided when using an exchange platform as the company gets paid when you win. Taking also into account that the odds in exchanges are usually better, it surely looks much more attractive. But not everything is in favor of the exchanges. There are some drawbacks which some bettors might find disturbing, depending on their betting habits. Multiple parlay bets are not an option here, while this is a main attribute of the traditional bookies. If you want unrestricted parlay betting, then an exchange is not for you. If single bets in-play live betting is what thrills you, then exchanges are a great option that will make profits while they give you the ability to “lay” a result and even minimize losses, in case all things go wrong. In-play betting markets are highly popular in Betfair exchange and all the more people prefer these to other bets.

Arbers love exchanges. Arbitrage is a trend in the gambling world. Arbers use the odd diversity laid by others to turn a single bet to a sure bet. While normally bookies show zero tolerance to arbers, exchanges welcome them and watch them flow in when live matches are on. Since 2001, Betfair has been the leading force in the exchange market. But this is a platform you cannot enjoy, unless you are a citizen of a short list of countries, such as UK, Ireland, Poland etc. If the country you live in is not one of these, then not many options lay out there to get the Betfair experience.

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