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What are Asian Handicap Calculations

 What are Asian Handicap Calculations

The Asian handicap calculation is about the determination of the ability of the playing teams. These calculations ensure the winning opportunities of the bettors. To get a clear concept that how Asia handicap calculations, let’s discuss a good example of a football match between Burnley and Manchester United. For this, the Asian handicap betting calculation allows the addition of good alternatives for raising the odds of bets. You can choose any team of your interests and can start betting for the favor of the team.

The system of Asian handicap calculations is highly fair, and there are no chances of any ambiguity or mistakes. These Asian handicap calculations allow knowing about interesting options and markets. The bettors can play according to their budget and interest without putting their money on risk.

The requirement of Variables for Asian Handicap Calculations

A few sets of variables are necessary for calculating the Asian handicap probabilities. In other words, it can be described as the probability and chances of scoring points or goals by the teams. These calculations are also used for the expression of leading and losing teams. Indeed, real data is also required for the calculations and this data is relevant to the history of playing teams. In this case, the data is highly related to the accepted goals.

For the overall calculations of expected goals, a cipher (xG) is used and it can be best explained by the two teams, team 1 and team 2. The probability of the expected goals for the favored team will be (xG1) and the probability for the undergo team will be (xG2). By using these factors, the Asian handicap calculations for the favored team can be done by using this formula.

AH = 0-(xG1 – xG2)


The result of the calculations is a negative number, and it explains the negative handicap for the undergone team. This system is mainly focusing on only one team rather than the whole match. But there is no involvement of complications in this system however, it may take you some time to know this system completely.

The values of advantages in the Asian handicap betting are displayed as ¼, and some bettors may get confused with this representation. But this system is important to provide representative values to the players with the possibility of real scenarios. One of the biggest advantages of using this scenario for Asian handicap betting calculation is that the values can be easily compared according to the expected goals. Additionally, the advantageous margins are even more flexible, and users can enjoy calculations without any problems.

There is the involvement of many options for Asian handicap calculations in www.brokerstorm.com and these options are variables of the provided models, so the chances of winning for the bettors are increased. Due to ¼ advantages, the model is offering more options or classes, thus it provides more winning opportunities. As the advantages are divided into half and a quarter there is subsequent division and reduction of the risks.

The draw result is also having significant importance for the Asian handicap calculations, as it is referring to a situation where no team is winning the match. The draw betting results are also being supported by us and we also offer the possibility of refunding. Due to this possibility, the profit for bookmakers is dramatically reduced and the preservation of the bettor’s budget is ensured.

Advantages of Asian Handicap Calculations

Asian handicap calculations also cause some modification of the profit and it requires the establishment of a calculation table for better betting sessions. The possibility of winning teams can be seen from the table results. In these calculations, 0 is regarded as and can cause the preservation of the whole stake and may even be refunded to the bettors. In other words, it can be said that when a team is having a value of negative handicap the bettor is in winning position by getting the win, and bettor losses when there is a losing position. These betting results are greatly influenced by the goal expectancy factors and, in this way, it can cause huge prevention of betting losses.

The Asian handicap calculations allow to know about the probability of winning chances of a specific team, and thus make the game more appealing and interesting. These calculations are highly authentic and allow good initiation for a better understanding of the application. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for the bettors at www.brokerstorm.com and they can enjoy many advantages. However, it is a well-known fact that some downsides are also associated with almost all kinds of technology and system, so there may be difficulties, but it is a very rare event.