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Reasons to use Asian handicap in betting

Asian handicap in betting is originated from Indonesia this is the reason it is called Asian. This became popular with time because of its different features. This is basically used of betting in soccer games, but this technique can also be used on golf and tennis. In football or soccer, some handicap value is added to each team`s score. This gives each team a head start.

The main reason for doing this is that if there is a match between two teams from which one is very strong, and one is very weak. Then assigning handicap values will balance them out. There are some very obvious reasons for choosing Asian handicap in betting. Some of these are discussed here.

Many bookmakers offer Asian handicap betting

As it is originally from Indonesia, it was not very popular and as time passed, people started observing its benefits. This gave it a rise on the worldwide level but it was only possible because of online platforms like brokerstorm.com.  Asian handicap betting very famous in Asia and most people like to choose Asian handicap in betting. Because it was trending there, many worldwide platforms also adopted it and gave options of Asian handicap in betting because there were less chances of loosing if you placed right bets and people also started adopting it.

Handicap values make the bets more interesting for bettors.

Consider that there is a match between two teams out of which one is world class top level and the other one is weaker. Most people will tend to place their bets on stronger team. This is boot suitable for bookmakers. To resolve this issue, bookmakers came up with a method called Asian handicap in betting where they assign different numeric values called handicap values.

  • These values make both tams balanced because they provide a virtual head start for the weaker team.
  • People tend to be interested in this type or betting because of balance.
  • There are many methods of Asian handicap in betting which make chances of losing lesser.

It is a better option for beginners

Because there are many options to select from and you can place your stake according to your interests, there are lesser chances of losing. If you are not in the worst case, then some amount may be refunded which in not possible in regular betting.

  • Lower chances of loosing
  • More options
  • Better conditions

These three points are very attractive for beginners which don’t want to lose bets from the start of their betting career. Because in regular betting all of these are not available which makes it a rather difficult thing for beginners.

Hoe better chances are available?

Asian handicap in betting has some types. The three basic types are whole goal handicap, half goal handicap and quarter goal handicap. All these have different handicap values like:

  • In the whole goal, complete numbers are added like 0, 1, 2, ….
  • In the half goal handicap numbers are added with halves this makes draw impossible and chances of winning the bets are comparatively increased here.
  • In quarter goal handicap, you can place two bets at one time with two different values. In this case if you get both values right, you win whole bet, id you end up in draw, one bet is lost and other is void. Refunded and in worst case you lose both bets.

Specific terms of Asian handicap betting

In Asian handicap in betting, there are some specific terms out of which, some are relevant to the regular betting and some are not. These specific terms are discussed here in detail.

What is Settlement score

When a handicap is applied in a bet, a result comes out after the match ends. This score is called the settlement score. It is obviously different from the real came score. That is why it is called settlement score.

What is Void

In Asian handicap betting, if the handicap is whole goal type and the bet ends in a situation where settlement score is a draw. In this situation, there is no winner and the backer and layer, both get their stacked money back refunded. This is called as void.

Presence of these terms in Asian handicap betting is also the reason of it being popular.

From all the reasons, these were some of the best reasons behind the popularity of the Asian handicap in betting. There are for sure many other things. To get some of the world’s best online betting experience, you can visit brokerstorm.com. They have all the best services for the players. They have special online system by which you can use your account over all your devices. The money transactions are very fast and secure. And there are many other customer friendly features.